How to Show MySQL Processes

If you are running a MySQL database on your Dedicated Hosting server, you may want to see its status in terms of the processes that it is currently running. This will give you an idea of the load on the database server which is important if you have a large database or several databases being served on your server. It is also useful to help pinpoint problems with queries running on the server.

You will need to have root access to the server in order to use either of these reports.

Don’t have time to read our full guide on how to show MySQL processes? Watch our walk-through video.

Using WHM to Show MySQL Processes

  1. Login to the WHM
  2. Show MySQL processes

    Click on Show MySQL Processes in the menu at left.


You will see table showing the existing processes for your dedicated hosting server. These items are detailed below:

ID This is the identification number of the running process
User User running the process in the database
DB Database being used with the process
Command Command currently being executed in the process
Time Time taken by the process
state State of the process
Info Information about the process

You can also kill MySQL processes.

Show MySQL Processes in SSH

If you are familiar with using MySQL in command line, you can also get the report on running processes there. The following instructions show how to access it. Note that you will need the appropriate access in SSH in order to use the MySQL command for this report.

  1. Login to SSH.
  2. Type in MYSQL to get into the mysql command line.
  3. Show MySQL processes in command line

    Type show processlist; in order to see current processes on the server.


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