Resetting Your cPanel Password using AMP

If you’ve forgotten your cPanel password, you can reset it using your Account Management Panel (AMP). You can also Reset a cPanel password in WHM if you have a VPS or Dedicated server.

To reset your cPanel account password within AMP:

  1. Log into your AMP
  2. Under “Account & Billing” in the left menu, click “Details
  3. Under “Active Subscriptions“, locate the account you would like to reset the cPanel password for
  4. Click “Reset Password” underneath it
  5. Active Subscriptions > Reset Password page will load. Type the Password and Confirm Password and click submit.

You should now be able to log into your cPanel with your new password. If for whatever reason you have trouble resetting through AMP, please do not hesitate to contact support with a password reset request.


  • It would be helpful if the cPanel login screen didn’t offer the password reset option for VPS accounts, since as this document says above, it doesn’t work for VPS accounts. I wasted a fair bit of time repeated resetting my password and trying to log in.

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