Disabling Two-Factor Authentication for Reseller Child Accounts

In order to disable Two-Factor Authentication for a child cPanel account (owned by a reseller host cPanel account), you will need to log into WHM and remove Two-Factor Authentication for that cPanel user. Following the instructions below, you will learn how to disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for a child cPanel account you own.

  1. WHM login page username and password fields and Login button highlighted.

    Log into WHM as the reseller user that owns the child account.

  2. WHM search bar contains the word two and Two-Factor Authentication menu option highlighted.

    Type “two” into the WHM search bar. Then, click on the Two-Factor Authentication menu option.

  3. WHM Two-Factor Authentication Manage Users tab highlighted.

    Click on the Manage Users tab.

  4. WHM Two-Factor Authentication Manage Users Disable link next to exampl3 user highlighted.

    Find the user you would like to disable 2FA for. Then, click on the Disable link to the right of the user, under the Actions column.

  5. Confirm removal of Two-Factor Authentication pop-up message Continue button highlighted.

    Click the Continue button in the pop-up message to proceed.

Now, your child cPanel account will be able to login to cPanel, without the Two-Factor Authentication security code.

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