How to Get the Most Out of Your VPS Hosting

Get the Most Out of VPS Hosting

Our popular VPS web hosting plans are a great option for users of all kinds. You get the freedom of a dedicated server for a fraction of the price. But with these additional system resources (RAM, bandwidth, etc.), some may not be utilizing their Linux VPS to take full advantage of its abilities.

So we wanted to go through some of the great things you can do with a cPanel Managed VPS hosting account that you may or may not have considered yet.

If you’re interested in using a different server control panel, check out the operating system (OS) selection for our Linux Cloud Server Hosting.

Not sure if it’s time to upgrade yet? Check out our guide on when you should consider upgrading to VPS.

Host Your Own Optimized WordPress Site

We believe you can place your VPS at the center of your marketing and production efforts. To this end, having an optimized WordPress website as your command center is not only possible but recommended. And you have plenty of options for optimized WordPress hosting. When selecting a VPS account at checkout, you can select to have it optimized for WordPress with one click.

If you already have a VPS and want to optimize for WordPress, you can follow our guide on installing various add-ons to create a WordPress stack. Or, you could have our Managed Hosting experts do it for you.

BuddyPress (Your Own Social Media Services)

Self-hosting WordPress means you can easily install BuddyPress to add social media features to your VPS account.

Why send your customers away from your website to contribute their time and attention to Facebook groups, especially in a world of growing censorship?

Keep your visitors on your site longer by offering them your own social media network.

Building an Online Game

Believe it or not, some of our customers use their hosting account to manage an online game.

It’s not so far out of the realm of possibility as you might think. If you have some coding experience, you can use our VPS plans to host your own game too.

The VPS hosting account is managed within in its own container to truly emulate a physical server. This means you can install any third-party add-ons you need to make a great game.

Do eCommerce The Right Way

If you want to go the eCommerce route, you need a VPS. The VPS environment provides you the freedom to make necessary security modifications (including SSL certificate management) to any content management system (CMS) you choose to develop an online store.

With the right cyber security features enabled, you could get your business server compliant with the latest customer protection standards (e.g. PCI compliance).

There are third-party shopping cart apps you could use for selling your products, but you may be paying more for advanced features you could more easily integrate into your VPS. We have dozens of guides on how to develop online shops with PrestaShop, OpenCart, AbanteCart, and many other applications.

Build a Custom Server Setup

With a VPS you have access to make custom modifications to your server environment. This means you can request root access and use it to update your WHM configuration or make changes via SSH. Here are some of the other things you can do with root access:

  • Install Additional Server Software
  • Change the Hostname
  • Make Changes to ModSecurity
  • Make Advanced cPanel/WHM Modifications
  • Change Server Time
  • Automate server backups

We think investing in a VPS hosting account gives you the freedom, performance, and security necessary to ensure a long-term return on your investment. And with a fixed pricing model, you always know exactly what your bottom line will look like. We don’t spring any hidden costs on you or charge for add-ons you may not need.

Keep in mind that you can Upgrade to SSD VPS Hosting at any time. Feel free to chat with our web hosting experts any time. You could also drop us a question or comment on this article.

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