Upgrade to VPS Hosting with NVMe SSDs

Upgrade to VPS Hosting with Solid State Drives
Upgrade to VPS Hosting with Solid State Drives

InMotion Hosting now provides a way for you to update your Linux hosting account to NVMe VPS Hosting (see speed advantage of NVMe Solid State Hard Drives). The upgrade to your account is easily done using your Account Management Panel (AMP). There would be little to no downtime involved in the migration process.

NVMe drives offer increased performance and higher speeds than standard SSD storage solutions. This next-generation technology will make your web server faster and your sites more responsive. In turn, this improves caching and other processes that depend on RAM.

Learn more about the differences between standard SSDs and NVMe SSDs. Or read about how greater user experience (UX) results from search engine optimization (SEO).

Get VPS Hosting with Solid State Drives (SSDs)

  1. Login to AMP.
  2. Look for the icon labeled Change Hosting Plan, then click on it.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu next to the field labeled “Change to:” then scroll down and select the suitable VPS plan.
    Updated VPS hosting plans with InMotion

    Note that plans and pricing may change over time. Please see our VPS hosting page to see the most recent plans offered. You can also contact our sales team via phone or chat to get more information.
  4. Click on the SELECT button for the corresponding VPS plan that best suits your needs. The page will jump to a summary of your selection. You will need to either create a new account or log in to the Account Management Panel to complete the order.

Once you have logged into AMP and you have successfully submitted your sale, then the request for VPS Hosting with Solid State Drives is automatically logged with the Technical Support team. Your request is processed as quickly as possible and may require a brief completion period. If you have any questions regarding the migration or payment of your web hosting account or moving your managed VPS location to the east or west US coast data center (for further sped optimization), please contact our Technical Support or Account/Billing teams for further information.

Not sure if it’s time to upgrade? Check out our guide on what you can do with VPS hosting.

Make sure your business, agency, or reseller clients are always connected and powered on with our optimized Managed VPS Hosting.
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Thoughts on “Upgrade to VPS Hosting with NVMe SSDs

  • Do IP addresses, SSL certs, email settings, etc… port over 100% with ZERO adjustment time. Will do this but want no work or issues to complicate things.

    • Hello Craig,

      Yes as all of that is controlled by cPanel and not specific to the type of hard drive you are on.

      Best Regards,
      TJ Edens

  • What do I give up if I currently have an Advanced Dedicated Server and switch to VPS-3000S?  Since the price is less, what am I missing? I currently have 4GB memory VPS-3000S has 8GB so that is better.  I currently have 500GB disc, VPS-3000S has 200GB so that is not as good.  I currently have 4 sites sharing 3 IPs, so 3 IPs is enough I suppose.

    So I wonder if I would be giving up something I don’t see – in exchange for a 22% roughly savings in my monthly?

    Also, can you add more disk, either now or in the future, if so what is the cost/sizes/etc.?

    • Hello Dan,

      Thank you for your questions. A VPS is still essentially a shared server, while a Dedicated server will only house your account. You can see comparison charts here: VPS, Dedicated.

      Prices can differ based on the plan you signed up for, and the deals/coupons that are running at the time.

      Since this is just our public forum, I recommend contacting Live Support. This allows them to review your specific account/pricing and provide an account specific answer.

      Thank you,

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