Getting Started With ImunifyAV cPanel Plugin

ImunifyAV FREE has a malware scanner for cPanel servers. Similar to the ClamAV cPanel plugin, which has less features than it’s command line interface (CLI), ImunifyAV allows Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel users on Managed VPS / Dedicated servers to scan files and manage found malware. But ImunifyAV FREE includes more features:

  • Automatic background scans
  • Resource consumption options
  • History and results for past scans
  • List of directories in a specified “Ignore list”

Below we cover:

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Install ImunifyAV FREE

  1. SSH into your server
  2. Download the ImunifyAV installation shell script from
  3. Run the installation shell script:
  4. Update ImunifyAV:
    yum update imunify-antivirus

Quick Start in WHM

  1. Log into WHM
  2. On the left, select ImunifyAV
  3. Under the Actions column, select the right arrow button to the right of a cPanel user to scan the account
  4. Select YES, SCAN to confirm scanning the user’s files
  5. On the right, select Scan all to scan your entire server
  6. Select YES, SCAN ALL to confirm scanning all cPanel user’s files
ImunifyAV dashboard in WHM

Manage Malicious Files

If the Infection status for a cPanel user states # infections:

  1. Under the Actions column, select the chart button (View report)
  2. Do one of the following:
    Delete the file using cPanel File Manager or SSH
    Under the Actions column, select the eye button (View file) to see the contents of the file
    If it’s a legit file, select the crossed-out eye button (Add to the ignore list)
    Contact Live Support requesting an account scan or further assistance

Read official documentation to learn more about ImunifyAV Reason info.

ImunifyAV FREE detected malware

ImunifyAV Settings

  1. On the right, select the gear button (settings)
  2. Configure the Resource consumption settings to fit your server performance needs
  3. Configure monthly Background Scanning settings, or disable it from the Run scanning drop-down menu
  4. Uncheck Enable Sentry error reporting
  5. Save Changes at the bottom
ImunifyAV FREE Settings

Upgrade to ImunifyAV+ for additional features including easy file removal and other features.

Enable For cPanel Users

The ImunifyAV cPanel user interface is hidden by default. Enabling it allows cPanel users to view their malicious files, scan history, and ignore list.

To enable The ImunifyAV cPanel user interface via SSH:


To disable The ImunifyAV cPanel user interface:

/opt/alt/python35/share/imunify360/scripts/ -r
ImunifyAV FREE cPanel interface

Uninstall ImunifyAV

If for whatever reason you decide not to continue using it, uninstalling it is easy via SSH.

  1. Stop the ImunifyAV application:
    systemctl stop imunify-antivirus
    service imunify-antivirus stop
  2. If you’ve removed the installation script, download it again to uninstall the program:
  3. Uninstall ImunifyAV:
    bash --uninstall

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