How to Use Launch Assist for Website Transfer Requests

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A very common task for website owners is the transferring of a website from one web hosting provider to another. Fortunately, we have a way for a website to be moved for you. In order for website transfers to be done, you need to provide some information on the existing sites. Launch Assist is a service that is provided by InMotion’s Managed Hosting Team for Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated server subscriptions. Depending on your subscription type, you will get 2-4 hours of free service. This can cover the transition of your website from another location to your InMotion Hosting server. The guide below provides information and step-by-step instructions on how to use Launch Assist to request a website transfer.

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Launch Assist Time for Website Transfers

Website transfers completed within the 2-4 hours of Launch Assist time that is provided to your VPS or Dedicated server account do not incur a charge as long as they are completed in that time frame. Additional costs for transfers are handled by the Managed Hosting team after reviewing each request. Typically, website transfers will include website files, media files, and/or databases as long as the appropriate information is provided.

Two or three website transfers will normally fall within the 2-4 hour time period for transfer completion. In the event that your website transfer request exceeds that time, the managed hosting team will review your request to ensure you are provided an appropriate estimate of the added time and additional cost required to complete the transfer.

Take the website transfer time-frame as an opportunity to create validated copies of your website or server backup. It’s best to have at least one backup copy duplicated on a local external drive.

AMP menu without Launch Assist

Submitting Your Website Transfer Request

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. To begin the transfer process, click on the icon labeled Website Transfer Request.
  3. Next, you will see a page labeled Transfer a Website. You will need to complete each form entry with the most accurate information. To assist with providing accurate information, we will explain a few of the various entries below:

    Are You Migrating From Another InMotion Hosting Account or From an External Host? – This question is to determine if you are transferring your data from one InMotion Hosting account to another or from a separate hosting provider entirely. If you are transferring from an external host, you will be prompted to provide the login credentials for the hosting provider you are transferring from.

    Is this hosting account managed with cPanel? – This question is to determine if your hosting account is managed with cPanel, the popular control panel software used by many different hosting providers. If you are unsure if your account uses cPanel, check with your hosting provider to learn more.

    Is 2FA enabled on this account? – This question is to determine if your hosting account has two-factor authentication enabled. This generally involves the use of a connected device to verify login attempts. In the event of a website transfer, you will want to temporarily disable this functionality to allow our technicians to access your data.

    In addition to account-specific information, the form also allows you to choose whether or not you want to purchase the Priority Transfer service. This service costs 29.99$ and moves your request to the front of the queue. This is useful if you require a quicker turnaround for your website transfers.

    The information you provide in the above form will allow the Website Transfer Team to contact you through email, find your website, and access it for the transfer. The Website Transfer Specialist will reach out to you regarding your request as soon as possible. The specialist will keep in contact with you until the completion of the website transfer request. When you have completed the form, click on the blue Continue button.
  4. Once you have submitted the form and it has been received, you will receive a notification on the screen stating “Your request was successfully received.” It will advise you of an email that will be coming from the Managed Hosting team. Click on Confirm to acknowledge this notification.

At this point, our systems will automatically create a ticket for your website transfer request. This ticket will be assigned to and reviewed by a Website Transfer Specialist. They will send you a response to your request as soon as possible. The Website Transfer Specialist will be your primary contact for the transfer. They will work with you until the transfer is complete. Additionally, the Managed Hosting department is available between 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Monday – Friday (EST). Make sure to watch for email communications from and ensure that these messages are not being captured in your spam/junk mail filter.

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Finishing Your Website Transfer

When you have provided all the information for your website transfer through the form and you have the reply from the website transfer specialist, the transfer will be set in motion. It should proceed without any problems, but there is always a possibility that something interrupts the process. If that is the case, you will be notified by the transfer specialist advising you of any issues. The specialist actions for the transfer include:

  • Review and notation of the website transfer request.
  • Contact the customer via email to acknowledge receipt of the request. Any added costs or time requirements will be noted at this point.
  • Start of website migration.
  • Review of the migrated website(s).
  • Close of website transfer request ticket once the migration review is complete.

When you receive notice that the migration is complete your work is not complete. You should test your migration and complete any necessary re-direct or nameserver changes. Find out more by reading our article on how to Ensure a Successful Website Transfer.

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