Configure PrestaShop 1.7 Contact form Module

A great advantage to using a content management system like PrestaShop is that you don’t have to hand-write a PHP contact form. Below we cover how to configure PrestaShop 1.7 built-in module Contact form and add contacts.

Edit Contacts Configure

Add and Edit Contacts

  1. Login PrestaShop.
  2. Under Shop Parameters, press Contact.
    Select Contact
  3. To add a new contact option, select the plus (+) icon on the upper-right.
    Add a new contact title
  4. When adding or editing a contact, you can modify the title, email address, title description (viewable to customers in some themes), and whether to save messages in the dashboard. Press Save when done.
    Add contact details
  5. To edit an existing contact title, select Edit on the right side.
    Edit an existing contact
  6. You’ll see the new contact option on your PrestaShop contact page selected from the upper-left.
    Selecting a contact option

Configure Contact form Module

The Contact form allows you to choose whether to send a confirmation email to customers and receive messages via email as well as your Customer service section.

  1. Press Modules and Modules & Sservices.
  2. Select Configure beside Contact form.
    Select module from Modules page
  3. Toggle your preferred configuration settings and press Save.
    Contact form module options

You can learn more about improving your website in our PrestaShop education center.

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  1. Hello, thank’s for this tutorial, 
    i want to add custom form in contact form prestashop 1.7, for example name, phone number… how can i do it? 


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