Common Website Issues

Common Issues With Your Website – Basic Troubleshooting

  1. I can’t see my website!
  2. I made changes, but my website still looks the same.
  3. When I go to my website I just see an index listing.
  4. I still see your “Website Coming Soon” page.
  5. All of a sudden everything stopped working…My site, email, FTP…
  6. After uploading, there seems to be pages and images missing.

1. I can’t see my website!

-If you’re account and/or domain is new, or you recently made DNS changes, your domain name may not have propagated through the system yet. This usually takes about 4 – 24 hours, while sometimes as soon as 15-30 minutes.

-If you were able to access your site before, try to pull it up via your Temp URL. This is the URL listed in AMP under Admin Details in the form of, with ‘.

  • Your domain name may have expired.
  • Your domain name may not be pointed to our nameservers (check this with

2. I made changes to my site, but it still looks the same

Usually when this happens it is because your web browser is calling up a cached version of your site from your computer, and not the server. You can fix this by doing a refresh (or Ctrl+F5), or clearing the cache in your web browser.

3. When I go to my website all I see is an Index listing.

Your website may be missing an index page. By default, your browser will look for a file in your website called index.htm/html/shtml/php/etc. or default.htm/html/…. If your website does not have a file by one of these names, then it will show an index listing of everything in your public_html. To fix this, make sure that your home page is named something like index.html, or one of the alternatives listed above. If you do have an index page, you may have not uploaded your files into the right directory. The index page must exist directly in the public_html folder, not outside of it or in a subdirectory. The only exception to the latter is if you have redirects set up.

4. I still see your “Website Coming Soon” page after uploading my site

  • Try refreshing your browser (or Ctrl+F5), as you may be displaying a cached version of your site.
  • Your home page might be named something other than index.html. By default, the server will read index.html first, so if your homepage is named index.htm, ours will take presidence. Either rename your homepage to index.html, or remove ours.
  • Your files were not uploaded directly into public_html.

5. All of a sudden everything stopped working…My site, email, FTP…

  • Check your connectivity to the internet. Obviously if you are reading this, your internet connection isn’t the issue.
  • Try to access your site, Temp URL, email, FTP. If you cannot connect to any of these, try to connect to your site on another computer or through a proxy. If you are able to see your site, then there is a possibility that your IP has been blocked and you will need to contact us.

If you still can’t access your site from another computer, there could be various reasons. Please contact us for resolution.

6. I know I uploaded everything, but some of my pages and images are missing

  • Are you sure you uploaded everything? Double check to make sure that all your files, folders, and images are on the server.
  • Your links may be incorrect, as filenames are case-sensitive on Linux servers. If your HTML link is lowercase but the file it points to is capitalized, then the link will not work properly.

22 thoughts on “Common Website Issues

  1. You guys need to fix your html sourcing. Everytime I put my code in it works fine but when I exit and go back to edit again you guys keep screwing up my code. What’s the point of paying this service to put my site up if you guys keep messing with my html code. Coders should be allowed to code freely.

    1. Hello Sunny – Sorry for the issues with the HTML code. Can you explain where you’re entering the code so that we can investigate the issue further? We’re not sure where the problem is occurring.

      1. Hello so the problem is the syntax always change when I put it into the html sourcing thing. I edit things in my own coding software offline and I make sure the syntax is correct. As soon as I upload the file onto inmotion it shows up fine the first time. When exit the file and go back to edit something else it glitches my code and moves them places and ruins my code and renders it unusable. For example, I have set up a dropdown button. It works fine when I upload the new file or if I copied and pasted the code into the file. when I exit and come back to edit that file again, the dropdown button doesn’t work because the html sourcing messes up my code. This is because your sourcing removes spaces and moves codes into different spots making it mess up. You should set up your sourcing to keep the code as is.

        This is the code that works perfectly fine and has good syntax ”

        This is what you guys make the code look like I can’t even read it too smh.

        (this is the css for it incase you were wondering what it looked like)

        .m {
        width: 35px;
        height: 5px;
        background-color: white;
        margin: 5px 0;
        margin-top: -1px;

        I also notice that in my code that up in style where I add css, I add spacing to the first code thats under style. Your guy render my code and make it stick right next to style and remove spacing. Please fix this issue and keep source coding the same way the person puts it. I couldn’t imagine my program editing my own code for me.

  2. Having a problem.. a new member tryied to access the site on his anrdoid phone a got 403.. the site is up and running. Some times I get the phone problems. I edited my .htaccess file to block China.. I may have done too much?

    here is what i have:




    PLease take a look, thanks

    1. Sorry for the problem with the 403 error that you’re getting. I would advise that you go through your logs and try to see the exact cause of the 403. We cannot go through your code to check for errors as that is beyond our support scope. However, I would recommend asking for assistance through a support ticket to our live technical support team to see if they can help identify any specific errors causing the 403 response. They have access to the web server error logs to see if there is a specific server-side rule that might be the source of the problem. Apologies that we cannot directly address the issue here in the Support Center website.

  3. When I want to see different language version of my website, I choose it in header. But the home page address of this local domain always shows with this code:
    What is it and why is it there? I believe it should not be visible. 

    Thank you


    1. It’s a Google Analytics query string. This allows you to track the language usage in Google Analytics in your website. Currently, there is not a way to remove it and Google still track your traffic accordingly.

  4. When I go to my URL for, it says the site is not secure in Google Chrome. There is a red line through the https:// part of the url and I have a full page that says Privacy error. My friend visited and it told her that it’s not a secure site.
    In fact, my browser is saying that your page that we are on right now is not secure. 
    Your url for this page is
    What is the issue please? 

    1. You’re right, with InMotion Hosting, we force the non-HTTPS version of the page. So the warning pops up. On your site, it looks like you are trying to use the shared server certificate for your domain. Since the SSL certificate is listed as * it throws the error. The solution, if you want to use HTTPS on your website is to purchase an SSL certificate.

    1. Hello Edward,

      Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to help you troubleshoot you website. Whapt PHP features are you having trouble displaying?

      Thank you,

  5. Thank You for your comment Arnel C.

    I did my project in php  actually the problem is hosting is successfully then open my url only to show the index.php file .

                        i am try to login my webpage but the  page is empty

    1. Hello Navin,

      Sorry for the continuing problem. Please provide us a little more information and we can investigate the issue in more depth. We need the URL, any specific error messages, and the exact steps to duplicate the error.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

      Arnel C.

  6. I am hosted my website in after open my webpage front page only display other page’s not working why?

                                                 can you please any one help me…….


    1. Hello Navin,

      Sorry for the problem with he website pages not working. If you were using WordPress and you made a change of host, you do need to reset your permalinks. This is the same if you’re using search-engine friendly linking or other programs that autogenerate your page URLs (for your other pages). You need to reset these links because you’re on a new server. If the problem persists, you may need to speak with your hosting technical support team.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

      Arnel C.

  7. I have made changes in my website using Expression web 4, then when I checked my web site nothing had changed. So I went to cpanel loged on and all changes are there correctly. so I went back to my web site and still nothing has changed. Help nI went through all the files thinking there was a duplicate but can’t find any problem.

    Help again.

  8. Hi, I’m ready to let people see my site but it comes up with a box to enter a wp password.How do I get rid of this so people can see it? I do have some pages password protected with the site but don’t want all pages behind lock and key.

    1. Hello eileen,

      It you are trying to setup a secondary WordPress admin password by password protecting your /wp-admin directory, you’ll want to ensure that you are using this bit of code in your .htaccess file towards the top of the password protection:

      # Allow plugin access to admin-ajax.php around password protection
      <Files admin-ajax.php>
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from all
      Satisfy any

      AuthType Basic
      AuthName “Secure Area”
      AuthUserFile “/home/example/.htpasswds/public_html/wp-admin/passwd”
      require valid-user

      Although I think in your specific case you might be running a WordPress plugin called Password Protected. This plugin seems to function through your wp-login.php script, so you could possibly be encountering our internal WordPress brute force attack protection if people are incorrectly typing in the password to get past your plugin’s protection.

      Please provide us with additional information on this issue if you can. Because currently I’m unable to get any password prompts to come up by clicking on any of the links of your website.

      – Jacob

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