AMP Security – How to Enable Two Factor Authentication

Your Account Management Panel (AMP) has just got a security upgrade. You can now add an extra layer of security via Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA. In this article, we’ll explain:

With all this information available to you, you’ll see why enabling Two Factor Auth will make your security life easier all around.

Increase Security With Two Factor Auth

When we think of Internet security lots of different images come to mind. But at the most basic level, a website offers secure username and password fields. It’s like there’s a lock on the site and the username and password are the key. And most usernames are simply your email address. So it really comes down to your password as the key. But what if someone stole your key?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, gives you an extra layer of security. So there’s no need to rely on passwords alone. With 2FA, you’re required to fill in both a password and a unique verification code. So even if your password gets stolen, your account is still secure.

How To Enable Two Factor Auth

You have two choices for authentication: Text Message or the Google Authenticator app. Both work the same way. It totally depends on your preference.

The text message option will not work with all mobile carriers – specifically Sprint and Tmobile. If you’re using one of those carriers, the Google Authenticator will be a better option.

In order to enable Two Factor Auth in your AMP, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into AMP
  2. Hover over My Account
  3. Select Login & Security
  4. Click Two Factor Authentication
  5. Select Google Authenticator or Text Message (SMS)
    • If you chose Google Authenticator:
      • Make sure to install the app for iOS or Android
      • Follow the verification steps as listed
    • If you chose Text Message (SMS):
      • Select your carrier
      • Fill in your phone number
  6. Click Enable Two Factor Authentication

That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled Two Factor Authentication in your Account Management Panel.

AMP Security Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Two Factor Authentication is relatively new, but it’s become so popular that it may soon be the security standard. You may have already noticed your favorite apps on both the web and smartphones have implemented this extra form of verification. And it makes sense to do so since almost everyone has a way of receiving text messages or emails.

And now that you can use this extra layer of security as part of your AMP security set, you’re on your way to enjoying a safer web hosting experience. We hope that Two Factor Auth makes your security needs even easier to manage.

If you have any questions about this procedure, feel free to contact us anytime and just ask about “Two Factor Authentication.” One of our customer satisfaction experts will be happy to explain further.

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6 thoughts on “AMP Security – How to Enable Two Factor Authentication

  1. Hi Team,

    Thank you for all the informative blogs, this helps a lot.
    Regarding 2FA, my doubt is, can 2 or persons have 2FA authentication installed in their phones.
    If 1 person already installed authenticator app, and the 2nd person (assume 2nd developer), needs to rely on 1st person every time..! Is there any solution for this..? If yes, please let me know.

    1. Hello Suresh,

      Unfortunately there is not due to the very nature of 2FA. 2FA is, at its core, a security policy intended for one person to have two different factors of authentication available to them at any given time.

  2. I enter my carrier, AT&T, and cell number, but when I click to send the verification code, nothing gets sent even though it says one was sent. Tried multiple times, it does not work.

    1. Hi James, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble with the two factor authentication. If you’re unable to receive the verification code and this is preventing you from logging in, please reach out to our support team directly with appropriate account verification details and they can get you logged back in. You may need to reach out to your carrier, or there may be an issue with the verification process, but it shouldn’t be any trouble to get you back into your account. From there, we can narrow down what the issue is. Hope that helps!

    1. Hello! Our shared hosting products, and VPSs using WHM, are primarily focused on supporting the cPanel ecosystem. As a result the defaults are primarily related to the defaults of cPanel. If you need a custom security solution, talk to our Sales team about Cloud VPS and we can help you find something that works for you. Hope that helps!

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