How to Install Git

It is important to remember that Git must be installed both on your local computer and at your remote server location. This article will show you how to install Git for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems along with your InMotion Hosting server.

How to Install Git On Your Computer

Mac OS X

Downloading git for your mac involves a simple procedure with which you are most likely familiar. You will download an executable installer file, open it, follow the steps, and you’re done. Follow along with the steps to see this process illustrated.

  1. Visit the Git downloads page to retrieve the installer file
  2. Open the file and follow the brief install wizard
  3. It would be best to restart your computer, but if you want to test that the install succeeded, open the Terminal app and run this command:
     git --version


In a similar fashion to the Mac installation above, there is an executable Windows installer available on the Git downloads page.

  1. Download the Git for Windows executable installer file
  2. Click Next to continue through the setup wizard
  3. The Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt option is considered safe to use because it adds minimal extras to your command line
  4. Click Next through the next series of options
  5. Click the Finish button to complete the installation

You now have Git installed on your Windows computer, and you can run the version command used above for the Mac OS installation to test your configuration.

How to Install Git on Your InMotion Hosting Server

These steps will be similar for your VPS/Dedicated server and your Choose your own stack server and your local Linux operating system.

The easiest way to get Git up and running on your computer is to open up your favorite Terminal app or command line utility and run an installation command.

For the most popular enterprise Linux distributions such as CentOS, the following command will provide you with the most recent stable version of Git.

 sudo dnf install git-all

For Debian/Ubuntu operating systems, you can run this command:

 sudo apt-get install git

For Fedora operating systems, you can use:

 sudo yum install git

It is best advised to check your operating system and current version and use commands listed in the Git documentation.

In the next article, we’ll learn about how to initiate your repository.

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