How to Create a New Account with GitHub

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As we mentioned in our Introduction to Git, there are many popular Git hosting solutions available, some proprietary and some free. One of the most popular free Git hosts is GitHub. In this article, we will show you how to create a new account with GitHub, which you can use to host your remote repositories and even host simple websites for your projects.

How to Create a New Account with Github

This articles assumes that you do not have a Github account yet, and you are ready to create one.

  1. GitHub website

    Proceed to

  2. click link to sign up

    Click the Sign Up link at the top right

  3. create GitHub account

    Fill in your desired Username, Email Address, and Password

  4. green Create an account button

    Click Create an account

  5. Choose GitHub plan

    To proceed with a free personal account, click Continue

  6. GitHub survey

    Optional: fill out the survey or click skip this step


Well done. You have successfully created your personal Github account. Now you can begin creating projects and distributing your work. From here, Github will provide links to read documentation or to jump into starting a new project.

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