WordPress Scope of Service

Our goal is to provide you – our valued customers with holistic WordPress product, functionality, and design troubleshooting support.

If you’re interested in a fast, secure WordPress experience and not interested in spending hours tweaking and optimizing, check out InMotion Hosting’s superior WordPress Hosting packages.

The Basic support package is when Technical Support can resolve your issue when you first contact us, without having to escalate it to a higher level of support.

Our world-class Technical Support team is available to serve you 24/7/365 by phone, chat, or ticket. The chart below outlines the service and resolution times that we strive to provide you:

Availability60 seconds 90% of time1 min 90% of time1 hour 90% of time
Resolution (TTR)3-12 mins 90% of time10-22 mins 90% of time4 hours 90% of time


InMotion Hosting considers incidents to be one-off occurrences, for example, you’re receiving error messages or cannot log into your account.

The chart below outlines the specific incidents that are covered under the Basic WordPress Support Service.

IncidentRecommended Contact MethodTroubleshooting and Applicable Support Articles
White Screen of DeathCall/Chat/Self-HelpTroubleshoot cause, regain access to site
Error MessagesChat/Ticket/Self-Help– Error Codes (403, 404, 406, 500)
– PHP Errors
– MySQL Errors – Error
– Establishing DB Connection
PluginsChat/Ticket/Self-HelpDisabling Plugins
– Functions not found
– Identify if there is a conflict or compatibility issue
ThemesChat/Ticket/Self-Help– Set Home Page Template
Maintenance Page
– My Slider isn’t sliding
Identify if there are JS/CSS Conflicts
Dashboard IssuesCall/Chat/Self-Help– Login Page Refreshing
Can’t Login/Locked Out
– WordPress Keeps Logging Me Out
Post Scheduling Not Working
Change Site URL
ImagesChat/Ticket/Self-Help– Fix Common Image Issues
– Troubles Uploading Images
Regenerating Thumbnails
MailCall/Chat/Self-HelpPassword Reset Emails
SMTP vs PHP Mail
.htaccessCall/Chat/Ticket/Self-HelpSetup and re-setup of Redirects in cPanel
500 Internal Server Error
– Page download
– Imagick limits
HacksChat/Ticket/Self-HelpHave I been hacked
Recovering from a Hack
Security Recommendations
PerformanceCall/Chat/Ticket/Self-HelpHeartbeat Control
Use a CDN
Search engine Crawl delay
– Use only necessary plugins
Speed tests and what to look for
Using GTMetrix
– Avoid using deprecated functions
Caching IssuesCall/Chat/Ticket/Self-Help– Types of caching and how they differ
– My Changes aren’t Showing
Clearing Cache
– Enabling/Disabling Caching in wp-config.php

Service Requests

InMotion Hosting considers Service Requests to be tasks that aren’t problems, but still require assistance from Technical Support. The chart below outlines the specific Service Requests that are covered under the Basic WordPress Service Catalog.

Service RequestRecommended Contact MethodTroubleshooting and Applicable Support Articles
Installation AssistanceSelf-help/CallInstallation of WordPress on hosting account
Plugin/Theme Installation AssistanceSelf-help/CallInstallation of plugins and themes on WordPress installation (does not include customization)
Page/Post Creation AssistanceSelf-help/CallHelp with creating pages and posts within WordPress dashboard
Basic Customizer AssistanceSelf-help/CallHelp with basic use of customizer within WordPress dashboard (basic theme functions)
User AdministrationTicketCreate new users
Password Resets
UpgradesSelf-help/Call Update WordPress
BackupsSelf-help/Call Create a cPanel backup


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