How to Encrypt Passwords with PassEncrypt

When interacting with our Customer Service or Technical Support teams, you may be asked to send your password over email or in a chat session. While convenient, sending this information in unencrypted plaintext can leave your data vulnerable to potentially malicious 3rd parties. To avoid this, we have created PassEncrypt.

Use PassEncrypt when receiving support for your Shared Hosting plan!

What is PassEncrypt?

PassEncrypt is a free password security service that allows users to encrypt their passwords before sending them over email or chat. Even though the technology behind PassEncrypt was initially created for internal use, we found that it would also serve as an important tool for our customers. This guide will outline how to access PassEncrypt and use it to generate an encrypted password link.

Using PassEncrypt

  • To access PassEncrypt, navigate to the following URL:
  • On the next page you will see the form depicted below:


    Complete the form with the following information:

    Description – This is simply a brief 1-2 word description of the information being encrypted. This section is optional.

    Password – This is where you will put your password or other sensitive text data that you’d like to encrypt. This section is required. 

    TTL* – Short for Time-To-Live, this value determines the amount of time the encrypted password link will remain valid.

    *For most purposes, we recommend setting this value to 48 hours to allow agents adequate time to perform the requested tasks. After the designated amount of time has elapsed the encrypted information will no longer be accessible.
  • After you have completed the form, click Generate.
  • The page will then generate an encrypted link that you can copy and paste into your email or chat messages.

Using PassEncrypt allows you to securely transmit your sensitive text information, ensuring that you can work with our staff without having to worry about malicious 3rd parties accessing your data. In an era that demands increasingly more robust cybersecurity, tools like PassEncrypt are essential to maintaining your digital privacy.

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