How to Enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection

Fork bombs occur when a cascade of processes duplicate themselves until a server’s resources are used up. This can be the result of malicious programming or bad coding. If you are managing several websites on your VPS/Dedicated server, then it would be wise for you to make sure that one account won’t disable the server for all of your clients. Providing a working environment for the clients who use your server gives them confidence to use your service. Follow the steps below to enable Shell Fork Bomb Protection.

NOTE: In order to make this setting you will need Root Access on your VPS or Dedicated server. Note that enabling Shell Fork Bomb Protection prevents users with terminal access (SSH/Telnet) from using all the resources of the server.

  1. Login to WHM for your VPS or Dedicated Server.
  2. In the search box in the top left-hand corner, click on Security Center.
  3. Next, click on Shell Fork Bomb Protection.
  4. On the Shell Fork Bomb Protection screen, click on Enable Protection in order to enable it. When you do, the Status will turn green and display, Enabled.

Congratulations! You have enabled Shell Fork Bomb protection for your site. We highly recommend that this option be enabled for sites where your users are actively developing code for their websites. If you don’t already have VPS Hosting make sure to contact InMotion Hosting’s sales team for detailed information!

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