Learning about the Reseller Center in WHM

If you have a Dedicated Hosting account with InMotion Hosting you do have the ability to use your server to host other websites. Many people sell space on their server for this purpose. To aid administrators, WHM does include a Reseller Center. The Reseller Center includes the option to give or remove user Reseller Privileges, change ownership, email the resellers, manage account status and manage the IP address used by a reseller.

Add/Remove Reseller Account Privileges

A reseller is basically able to manage their own account as it is defined by the administrator of the server. Resellers can create accounts and have WHM and cPanel access to the accounts that they create. When you’re looking at this section you can either add or remove reseller accounts to specific domains that are registered to the server.

Change Account Ownership or Email Resellers

Change Account Ownership

Occasionally, there is the need to change the ownership for an account. This is typically done in another part of WHM, but to make it easier to find for resellers the option is included in this part of the interface.

Email Resellers

You can also contact all of your resellers for notification or announcements using the Email Resellers option.

Reset Resellers’ Permission

This section allows you apply Access Control Lists (ACL) to multiple resellers. So, if you change the way access is provided for your users, then you can add or reset those permissions should they be changed.

Reseller Actions

This section includes the actions that resellers can take without having to login as as that reseller administrator. These actions include:

  • Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges
  • Change Owneship of Multiple Accounts
  • View Reseller Usage and Manage Account Status
  • Manage IP Address Delegation
  • Manage Reseller’s Shared IP Address
  • Log in to WHM
  • Log in to cPanel
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