Adding images for products in PrestaShop 1.6

One of the more important selling points for your products is the image. With a proper image, more customers will buy your items. Products without images typically do not sell as well. In this article, we will show how to add images to your products in PrestaShop 1.6

How to add product images in PrestaShop 1.6

  1. Log into the PrestaShop 1.6 admin area.
  2. You are now on the main admin screen. From here, click on Catalog and then the Products option.
  3. This is the Products list page. Look for the product you want to add images to and click on the Edit button on the right side of the product row.
  4. This leads you to the Information screen for the product, click on the Images tab on the left hand menu.
  5. The image tab has just a couple of fields.

    Add a new image to this productClick on the Add Files button to add a file to the list of images to upload from your local computer.
    LegendThis is the text description of the image.
  6. After you add one or more images to the upload list, click on the Upload Files button to upload them to your product profile.

  7. Next, you must also select one of the images to be the main image. This is called the Cover. To do so, click the box in the Cover column. If you only have one image, it is automatically selected for you.

  8. After you have uploaded the image and entered the legend, click on the Save or Save and Stay buttons on the right hand side. This will activate the changes.

Once you have saved the settings you can visit your site and see the new image for your product.

0 thoughts on “Adding images for products in PrestaShop 1.6

  1. Arnel,

    Thank you for your response!

    We figured out the issue… well we figured out a fix to the issue… we had to disable the “Friendly URL” setting inside the “SEO & URL’s” section of Preferences. Now the images are loading correctly.

  2. I’m able to upload images and see them on the back end but not on the front end on my actual website.  Specifically, the category images and product images show a question mark in place of the loaded image.  I can load and see my Home Slider and Theme Configurator w/out issue.


    Product Example

    When I tried to verify the image in the File Manager Directory this is what I found

    public FTP Root/Public_html/img/p/5/

    ·         5-cart_default.jpg

    ·         5-home_default-0QTewAUIUP.jpg

    ·         5-home_default.jpg

    ·         5-large_default-0QTewAUIUP.jpg

    ·         5-large_default.jpg

    ·         5-medium_default-0QTewAUIUP.jpg

    ·         5-medium_default.jpg

    ·         5-small_default.jpg

    ·         5-thickbox_default.jpg

    ·         5-thickbox_default-0QTewAUIUP.jpg

    ·         5-watermark.jpg

    ·         5.jpg



    • All set to 0664


    In the File Manager I tried changing the permissions from 0664 to 0775, then back to PrestaShop/Preferences/Images/Regenerate Thumbnails and checked my sites… still no change.

    I tried to load the image directly to the public FTP Root/Public_html/img/p/5/ folder… regenerated the thumbnails… still no change.

    All the images loaded to prestashop/modules and services/homeslider and prestashop/modules and services/themeconfigurator show up w/out issue on my website.

    Example Image from My Home Page×219.png



    Found it in




    So, it’s looking like something isn’t naming the images correctly when the files are uploaded at the Product and Category levels.



    Not sure how to fix this… I’ve read and watch every thread and video I could find on Google and You Tube regarding images but no luck… please help!

    Best regards… Monica

    1. Hello Monica,

      Sorry for the problem with Prestashop and the product images not showing in the website. I did a search in the PrestaShop forums and found these posts on the very same problem. Try reading through the post and see if any of their suggestions resolve the issue for you. Make sure to turn off any caching (at least temporarily) before trying other solutions.

      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

      Kindest regards,
      Arnel C.

  3. Hi, I have seen this module here: which helps merchants to upload different product images by customers to offer them discount. I liked it 🙂

    1. It could potentially be caused by the file name. Try renaming the file to include all lowercase letters without any spaces in the file name. Be sure that the extension is all lower case as well.

      If you have only tried files that you have stored locally, try downloading another image from somewhere on the internet and uploading that to isolate the issue.

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