Adding a PrestaShop 1.5 Product Description

When adding a new product in PrestaShop 1.5, you have the option to add a product description. Naturally, this product information tells your customers all the details they want to know about the product they’re looking at.

A product description is not required when adding a product. In this tutorial, we’ll show you have to add a new product description to an existing product.

To add a product description in PrestaShop 1.5:

  1. Log into your PrestaShop 1.5 Dashboard
  2. In the top menu, hover over Catalog and click Products
  3. In the list of products, locate the product you want to edit. To the far right of the product, click the edit icon (pencil icon).
  4. In the left menu, you will see several tabs listed. The tab you need to be on is the Information tab, which is the default tab.

    On this page, enter a Short Description and a Description for your product. PrestaShop 1.5 gives the following explanations to explain the difference between these two descriptions:

    Short DescriptionDescription
    appears in the product lists and on the top of the product pageappears in the body of the product page

    After entering your descriptions, click the Save button in the top right menu.


    As you can see in the screenshot above, the Description will show under the More info tab, while the Short Description shows next to the product’s image and under the New Products feature.

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