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Automatic Malware Protection

100% Automatic, Real-Time Malware Protection Against PHP-based Threats.

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Comprehensive Server Protection

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Safeguard Your Server Against Bad Actors

Every second counts when dealing with a cyber attack, keep your data safe with Monarx.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monarx starts working the moment you sign up, proactively and automatically protecting your server from infections in real-time.

Signature-less Detection

Monarx detects infected files by analyzing the behavior of the files on your server, rather than what their signature is.

Intelligent Malware Detection

Monarx utilizes its global Honeypot and context-aware RASP to safely protect you today based on malicious activity seen somewhere else yesterday.

Minimal Performance Impact

Monarx does all the heavy lifting in the cloud, so there’s zero impact on your website’s performance.

Real Time Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Detection

Automatic Malware Removal

Global Honeypot

Zero plugins or Installations

Smart PHP Integration

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Features and Benefits

Monarx Active Protection

Monarx’s technology incorporates a global honeypot network, ensuring comprehensive coverage for quick identification of potential cyber threats. 

With its smart PHP integration, your server and web applications are fortified against malicious attacks, providing you with complete peace of mind. All of this without the need for plugins or installations on your VPS.


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Instant Protection

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Sign Up for Comprehensive Protection by Monarx via AMP.

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Activation and Protection modes are automatically enabled.

Step 3

Success! You can now view your scan results in cPanel or WHM.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Server is Protected by Monarx Security

  • Malware Scanner & Antivirus
  • Blocks Execution of Malware Files
  • Global Honeypot Database
  • Protect RASP PHP Integration
  • cPanel & WHM User Panel
  • Detailed Results and Notifications
  • PHP Based
  • “Smart” WAF

Monarx Security FAQs

What is Monarx Security?

Monarx Security is an automated malware detection and removal solution designed for Linux hosting servers. By connecting to your PHP engine, it monitors file execution in real-time, safeguarding your server from threats like web shells, adware, phishing, and beyond.

How can I Add Monarx to My InMotion Hosting Account?

You can add Monarx to your VPS Hosting account directly from your Account Management Panel! Login to your account, navigate to the AMP Marketplace and select Monarx for purchase.

How does Monarx Work?

Unlike most malware protection software that only scan for file signatures to identify threats, Monarx analyzes the execution of files on your server. This real-time detection of malicious behavior allows Monarx to promptly remove infected files, setting it apart from the competition.

What types of malware does Monarx detect?

Monarx safeguards your server against an extensive range of threats, including Ransomware, Trojan Horses, Keyloggers, Spyware, Rootkits, Phishing Sites, Cryptojacking, and more.

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