Finding your database name for PrestaShop 1.6

For the most part, the work you need to do on your PrestaShop store is done via the Back Office. There are times, however, when you may need to access the database directly. This may be for research, or debugging, or perhaps performing a change that is not done within the Back Office at all. In any case, knowing which database to work in is important. For those with a single database on their account, this is simple. Many people, however, have multiple sites on their account and in some cases many different PrestaShop stores. Below is a guide on finding your database name for your PrestaShop 1.6 store.

How to find your database name for PrestaShop 1.6

  1. Log into your cPanel admin interface.
  2. Locate the Files category and open the File Manager tool.
  3. Once inside the File Manager, navigate to the root folder for your PrestaShop store. For most people, the store will be in a folder with the same name as the website, such as However, if your store is for your Primary Domain on your account, the folder name will be public_html.

  4. Once in the root folder, look for the config folder and open it.
  5. From inside the config folder, edit the folder.
  6. You can now see all the code in the file. Look for a line that is similar to the one below:
    define(‘_DB_NAME_’, ‘userna5_pshopdb’);
  7. Now that you have found the database name, be sure to write it down or copy it into a safe place. This allows you to ue a tool such as phpMyAdmin to make any changes necessary.

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