Change Product Image Alt Text in Prestashop 1.7

In PrestaShop 1.7 you can change the alt text for product images in the admin dashboard by default. For review, proper alt attributes in images help screen-reader users understand the function or description of the image. Although you could do this by editing code or with an module, below we cover changing the image caption setting which updates the alt text and title attributes as well. You can learn more about the alt attribute from our HTML attributes guide and 508 compliance.

Change Images Caption Attribute

  1. Login PrestaShop.
    Prestashop login screen
  2. Select Catalog and Products on the left.
    Press catalog and products in menu
  3. Select the product name under the Name column to edit its settings.
    Press the product name
  4. Select the image to display the caption.
    Click on the product image
  5. Edit the caption before pressing Save image settings.
    Edit the caption and save settings
  6. Afterwards, you can double-check by going to the product page, right-clicking the image, and selecting Inspect Element. The alt and title attributes should both match your new caption.
    Select Inspect Element on the image

    It may require up to 15 minutes for the changes to show unless you clear your Prestashop cache.

You can test your website’s accessibility using web applications such as and To learn more about improving your Prestashop website, check our Prestashop Education channel and our list of links for free Prestashop templates.

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0 thoughts on “Change Product Image Alt Text in Prestashop 1.7

  1. Thanks for the info, very useful. Buf on my PS ( I’m just getting a blank righ box, with no options for image alt or delete the image. Any idea why this is happening? The server is on nginx, everything works correctly except for this bug with the images, no errors in the logs.

    1. Blank sections or pages are often suppressing errors. I recommend enabling debugging in PrestaShop by going to Advanced Parameters->Performance->Configure. This may provide a more specific error message or notification.

      Thank you,

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