How to change the side images in PrestShop 1.6

Once you have upgraded or installed a new PrestaShop 1.6 installation you will experience a new default theme layout. It is much more up to date in appearance and is responsive, which is great for your customers using various devices. On the new template, you will see some images to the right of the image slider. These image spots are great to announce upcoming sales or new products. Below we guide you on how to change those images so you can insert your own.

How to manage side images in PrestaShop 1.6

  1. Log into the PrestaShop 1.6 admin dashboard.
  2. Modules option in menu

    Click on the Modules option in the let hand menu. Then click on the Modules link from the submenu.

  3. Theme Configurator module

    Locate the Theme Configurator module. If it is not installed, click Install. If it is already installed, click on Configure.

  4. Top Hook section

    From the Theme Configurator screen, scroll down to the Top “Hook” section. Here you will see the images used on the side of the slider. Find the image you want to work with or replace and click on the Edit button.

  5. Replace image button

    This brings up the settings screen for your selected image. To change the image, click the Browse button under the Image field. Select your new image from your local computer.

  6. Once you have selected the new image, click on the Save button to activate it.

Below is a quick before and after demonstrating the replacement of one of the stock side images. You can do the same with your store and customize them to fit your needs.

before changes

after changes

0 thoughts on “How to change the side images in PrestShop 1.6

  1. what if I have deleted the 2nd Top Hook banner and now I want to add it back? 

    It should be a no brainer drag & drop or copy paste in the default theme configurator.  What am I missing?



    1. Hello Tom,

      Sorry for the problem restoring the hook banner. Check out this post from the PrestaShop Support community page. It discusses restoring hooks or banners.

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