How to Create a New eNomCentral Account in AMP

Customers who are new to reselling domain registrations through InMotion Hosting will need to create a new eNomCentral account with the AMP (Account Management Panel) interface. Follow the steps below to create the account. Find eNomCentral in AMP Create a New eNomCentral Account Want to make money by selling web hosting solutions? Become a reseller Read More >

Reseller: Working with Backup Manager

When you are managing child accounts as a reseller, you may find that some are using up more of your backup space than others. All the accounts share the available storage, but you can adjust the allotted disk space. For example, if you have 10GB available and one child account is using up all 10 Read More >

What TLDs Can Be Sold Through Enom as a Reseller? gives you the ability to re-sell many different Top-Level Domains or TLDs. With the latest release of new TLD’s you may be wondering which ones you can register. In this article, we will go over some of the many TLDS that you can sell through eNom. Popular TLDs These are some of the most Read More >

Learning about the Reseller Center in WHM

If you have a Dedicated Hosting account with InMotion Hosting you do have the ability to use your server to host other websites. Many people sell space on their server for this purpose. To aid administrators, WHM does include a Reseller Center. The Reseller Center includes the option to give or remove user Reseller Privileges, Read More >

What Changes When You Brand a Reseller Account in In Motion Hosting?

Branding a Reseller Hosting Account Reseller hosting accounts allow you to add your own company branding to the cPanel and Webmail interfaces that your customers can see. You also have the option of adding favicons or creating links for specific help or documentation pages. The logos for cPanel are replaced by either your company logo Read More >

Which Plan Should I Select as a Reseller?

InMotion Hosting provides Reseller plans that range from three shared server plans and three VPS plans. R-1000S – Beginner Plan R-2000S – More Resources at an Affordable Price R-3000S – Top Shared Reseller Plan Reseller VPS-1000 – Starting VPS level for Resellers Reseller VPS-2000 – Balance of Power and Resources Reseller VPS-3000 – Top-of-the-line Performance Read More >

How to Create a Git Repository on Your Reseller VPS

Your reseller customers can use Git for all kinds of projects, whether they’re moving around static files or managing WordPress theme updates. If they want to use Git, let them use Git! But maybe they don’t know how to open and sync with their own self-hosted repository. This is where you can save the day Read More >