What TLDs Can Be Sold Through Enom as a Reseller?

eNomCentral.com gives you the ability to re-sell many different Top-Level Domains or TLDs. With the latest release of new TLD’s you may be wondering which ones you can register. In this article, we will go over some of the many TLDS that you can sell through eNom.

Popular TLDs

These are some of the most popular TLDs that we see registered on our site. You can resell these through eNom via the IMH Store.

Popular TLDs
.com .net
.org .biz
.info .asia

Country Code TLDs

Other common TLDs you can sell are specific to a country. Here are some of the many country specific TLDs available.

Country Code TLDs
.ca .cn
.es .eu
.fr .in
.us .uk

New TLDs

With many new TLDs available there is almost no limit to the creative options. Want to sell a .money domain to an accounting company or a .music domain to a band? No problem! Here are some of the latest TLDs that are now available for registration.

New TLDs
.art .auto
.band .basketball
.blog .buy
.charity .church
.cloud .cpa
.data .diet
.events .family
.games .garden
.healthcare .help
.hosting .hotel
.inc .insurance
.law .live
.llc .love
.mail .media
.news .ninja
.online .pizza
.pub .radio
.realty .restaurant
.run .sale
.school .shop
.site .sports
.tech .town
.university .vip
.vote .web
.wedding .world

Now you know some of the many eNom TLDs that can be registered from the IMH Store. Here is a full list of all TLDs that can be registered.

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