Configuring the Value (Price) of Hosting Packages as a Reseller

In this guide we are going to cover some of the considerations you should make when pricing out your reseller hosting packages. We will discuss pricing from a customer perspective and flip it around to see how customer expectations can affect your bottom line.

Determine Value from the Customer Perspective

Before pricing out your hosting packages it would be wise to consider your customer’s expectations. As the reseller, you can determine who your target customers are. Are they developers? Small business owners?

If your customers are unfamiliar with web hosting resources and how to use them then they may prefer a less expensive package with fewer resources. Your customers would appreciate a decent bottom line and you can save yourself the hassle of resource abuse issues.

If your customers are more tech-savvy, they might be willing to pay more for more resources. This is when you will want to consider the upgrade value of your reseller plans.

What is the Upgrade Value?

While your customers may pay more for the ability to create more email accounts or more databases, they may not be willing to make a radical price jump. Consider the possibility of advertising non-resource upgrade packages like extra support or discounts on domain registrations.

You will want customers to feel that they are getting a good value for their investment.

What Does Your Bottom Line Say?

Remember that more services and resources could cost you more. If you have 4 or 5 customers with unlimited bandwidth you may need to purchase an upgraded reseller account for yourself.

Consider the services that you can bill for. If you can upgrade more customers then we can always upgrade your account to help you manage more customers and grow your hosting business.

Pre-Configured Packages

Our Reseller Hosting accounts now include three pre-configured packages of different levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can easily assign a package to an existing acount, choose one of these packages when creating cPanel accounts, or customize these packages to suit your pricing needs. This can save time since you don’t have to create packages from scratch. The following guide includes a comparison chart of the packages along with additional details.

Our Reseller Hosting Plans are Affordable and Customizable

If you’re interested in becoming a web hosting reseller you can check out one of our affordable hosting packages. We make an effort of always being available and ready to serve our resellers. Feel free to get in touch with one of our sales agents if you have any questions.

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