InMotion Hosting Shared Servers and Reseller servers Using SSD

InMotion Hosting servers regularly undergo maintenance and upgrades in order to keep them running optimally. The most recent notable update for InMotion Hosting servers is the move to use SSD (Solid State Drives). The following article lists the servers that have been updated to SSD. Read more about SSD Hosting.

Shared Servers and Reseller Servers Using SSD

Shared Servers

  • biz150
  • ecbiz151
  • biz152
  • ecbiz153
  • ecbiz156
  • biz157
  • ecbiz158
  • biz163
  • biz164

Reseller Servers

  • ecres161
  • res162

This list is continually being updated as servers are upgraded. If you need to find your server information, then please see Viewing Your Account’s Technical Information in AMP.

If you wish to upgrade your Shared Server or Reseller account to use SSD, then please submit a ticket request via email to our live Technical Support team.

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