How to Login to eNomCentral

eNomCentral replaces the IMHStore as of March 15, 2020.

As a Reseller, you have the ability to sell and manage domains through your eNomCentral account. In order to log in to eNomCentral, you will need an account. If you have not set it up already, please see How to Create an eNomCentral Account in AMP. Follow the steps below to learn how to log in to your eNomCentral account.

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Logging into eNomCentral

  1. Use your favorite browser and go to the eNomCentral website. In the top right corner you will see My Account. Click on this link.
eNomCentral website
eNomCentral website
  1. Click on the Sign In button.
Click on the orange Sign In button
Click on the sign-in button
  1. Enter your user name and password, then click on Login.
Type in your login credentials and then click on Login.
Type in your login credentials and then click on Login.

That completes the login process! When you have logged in you will see an account overview with links to various options available to you through eNomCentral.

Account overview - first screen that you see when you login
Account Overview

Congratulations! You now know how to log into your eNomCentral account. You will be able to manage the domains that you sell to your customers. For more information on resellers, please see our Everything Resellers page.

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