Reseller AMP Overview

What is AMP?

The Account Management Panel (AMP) is your hub for your main account activity with InMotion Hosting. From AMP you can address many different aspects of your account, from billing to domain registration, to cPanel and WHM access. Here we will go over some of the things you can do for your reseller main account. Keep in mind, AMP is your account, and your customers will not have access to it.

Manage my Account Section

This section covers your billing and customer information. Here you will be able to modify contact and billing information, as well as purchase additional items such as domains and hosting. More details are shown below.

Account NotificationsThese are notices regarding your main reseller account from InMotion.
Update Credit CardManage your cards for your main reseller account.
Reset PasswordReset your Account Management Panel (AMP) password.
Register DomainRegister a domain through us for your main account.
Transfer DomainInformation on transferring a domain from another registrar to us for your main account.
Contact InformationManage and modify your personal contact information.
Pay BillPay bill items under your name such as your reseller account or any domains managed by InMotion.
Purchase Additional HostingAdd additional hosting accounts.
AMP options after login
AMP options after login

Account Sections

While most of the tools here relate to your main account, there are a few that can also be used for your reseller customers. Below is a subset of the tools in this section that you can use for them.

WHMLog into your Web Host Manager (WHM) interface.
Purchase SSL CertificateInformation on how to purchase an SSL certificate for your account.
Simple CSR RequestA tool for generating a CSR for third-party SSL purchases.
Data Restoration RequestForm to request the restoration of files or databases for your main account.
Purchase Dedicated IPInformation on requesting and purchasing a dedicated IP for your sub-accounts. Your main reseller account already has a dedicated IP address.
Request Email Limit ExemptionForm for requesting the ability to send more than 250 emails per hour for your main account.

Accessing WHM via AMP

You will spend a lot of time managing your customers’ accounts using WHM. WHM is an admin interface for you only. Your customers will have access to their own cPanels, but not WHM.

NOTE: This guide requires WHM access. WHM access is included (at no extra charge) with our Dedicated Server, VPS, and Reseller hosting plans. For more information on how to select a plan for your Reseller account, please see Which Plan Should I Select as a Reseller?

Click on the WHM icon to access the Web Host Manager interface
Click on the WHM icon to access the Web Host Manager interface
  1. Log into your AMP at
  2. Locate the section for your account and click on the WHM icon.
  3. You should log directly into WHM. If not, enter your username and password and click on the Login button.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you understand your AMP better and which items you can use for your reseller customers, you may be ready to get started with creating cPanel accounts for them. This is done via the WHM as described above. For more information, visit our Reseller Hosting Product Guide.

If you’re using reseller hosting, and you’re wondering if you have the right type of reseller hosting, please see our article on What type of hosting do I need?

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