What Kind of Web Hosting Do I Need?

What kind of web hosting do you need? Hopefully, this article helps you better understand the answer to that question so you get the most for your money.

Before we begin: This may seem like a decision that will stick with you for a while, similar to a domain registration. However, unlike a domain registration, you can request to change your hosting plan in Account Management Panel (AMP) at any time. We’ll complete this conversion for you in most cases. And you can always contact our Live Support to help you make the best decision. Or start with our cheapest Shared Hosting and upgrade as needed.

Our article “Do I Have Business or Shared Hosting?” quickly covers the target audience for each type of web hosting we provide – shared, VPS, and Dedicated – but with a focus on Shared Hosting.

Our article “Differences between Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting” compares the hosting plans as housing types.

Below we cover our web hosting options from least to most expensive and their target applications.

Shared Hosting   VPS Hosting   Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

Where Does Your Website Live?

Shared Hosting has enough resources for most customers to achieve their goals without exceeding limitations – e.g. no root access, high resource usage, custom server configuration. We cover the types of Shared Hosting we offer in “Do I Have Business or Shared Hosting?” but here’s a quick summary of the types:

Our Shared Hosting plans start at ~$5 a month.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is the best option for those whose goals breach Shared Hosting limitations – usually root access and WebHost Manager (WHM) for custom configurations and handling multiple cPanel accounts.

Some customers on Reseller Shared Hosting migrate to Reseller VPS Hosting for the same reasons.

Our VPS Hosting plans start at ~$20 a month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting provides a physical server for larger organizations who need more disk space and resources (especially for MySQL/MariaDB/MsSQL processes) than available with VPS Hosting.

Our Dedicated Hosting plans start at ~$100 a month.

You can find out what you get with our hosting plans at our InMotion Hosting home page. We describe the advantages of using hosting services in our article What Do You Get with Hosting from InMotion Hosting?

If you wondering what you should get as a reseller, then check out What Plan Should I Get as a Reseller?

For more info, please contact our Live Support 24/7/365 or comment below with any questions.

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