When Do I Need Root Access?

There are many different features found in Web Host Manager (WHM) that are useful in maintaining your dedicated server. However, not all of them are available to the default user you were given when you signed up. Determining what requires root access can be complicated. We take the guesswork out of that with the chart below. It lists the features found in the WHM and whether or not you need root access to use it. The list order follows the default listing of categories found in the left hand menu of the WHM. Keep in mind, if you’re not logged in as root, you will not see all the options below.

NOTE: Root access is included (at no extra charge) with our Dedicated Server, VPS, and Reseller VPS Hosting plans.

CategoryFeatureRequires Root Access
Server Configuration
Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
Change Root PasswordYes
Configure cPanel CronJobsYes
Initial Quota SetupYes
Server TimeYes
Statistics Software ConfigurationYes
Tweak SettingsYes
Update PreferencesYes
Grant cPanel Support AccessYes
Legacy Configure Customer Contact
Support CenterYes
Networking Setup
Change HostnameYes
Resolver ConfigurationYes
Security Center
Apache mod_userdir TweakYes
Compiler AccessYes
Configure Security PoliciesYes
cPHulk Brute Force ProtectionYes
Host Access ControlYes
Manage External Authentications
Manage root’s SSH KeysYes
Manage Wheel Group UsersYes
ModSecurity ConfigurationYes
ModSecurity ToolsYes
ModSecurity VendorsYes
Password Strength ConfigurationYes
PHP open_basedir TweakYes
Security AdvisorYes
Security QuestionsYes
Shell Fork Bomb ProtectionYes
SMTP RestrictionsYes
SSH Password Authentication TweakYes
Traceroute Enable/DisableYes
Two-Factor Authentication
Server Contacts
Contact ManagerYes
Edit System Mail PreferencesYes
Change Ownership of an AccountYes
Change Ownership of Multiple AccountsYes
Edit Reseller Nameservers and PrivilegesYes
Email all ResellersYes
Manage Reseller’s IP DelegationYes
Manage Reseller’s Shared IPYes
Reseller CenterYes
Reset ResellersYes
Show Reseller AccountsYes
View Reseller Usage and Manage Account StatusYes
Service Configuration
Apache ConfigurationYes
Bandmin PasswordYes
Configure PHP and sUEXECYes
cPanel Log Rotation ConfigurationYes
cPanel Web Disk ConfigurationYes
cPanel Web Services ConfigurationYes
Exim Configuration ManagerYes
FTP Server ConfigurationYes
FTP Server SelectionYes
Mailserver ConfigurationYes
Mailserver SelectionYes
Manage Service SSL CertificatesYes
Nameserver SelectionYes
PHP Configuration EditorYes
Service ManagerYes
Configure Application Locales
Copy a Locale
Delete a Locale
Edit a Locale
Locale XML Download
Locale XML Upload
View Available Locales
Backup ConfigurationYes
Backup RestorationYes
Backup User SelectionYes
Configuration File RollbackYes
Legacy Backup ConfigurationYes
Legacy Restore BackupsYes
Legacy Restore Multiple BackupsYes
Restore a Full Backup/cpmove fileYes
Configuration CenterYes
DNS ClusterYes
Remote Access Key
System Reboot
Forceful Server RebootYes
Graceful Server RebootYes
Server Status
Apache StatusYes
Daily Process LogYes
Server Information
Server Status
Account Information
List Accounts
List Parked DomainsYes
List Subdomains
List Suspended Accounts
Search Accounts
Show Accounts Over Quota
View Bandwidth Usage
Account Functions
Change Site’s IP AddressYes
Create a New Account
Email All UsersYes
Force Password Change
Limit Bandwidth Usage
Manage Account Suspension
Manage Demo Mode
Manage Shell AccessYes
Modify an Account
Modify Suspended Account Page
Password Modification
Quota Modification
Raw Apache Log DownloadYes
Raw FTP Log DownloadYes
Rearrange an Account
Reset Account Bandwidth LimitYes
Show Active and Inactive AccountsYes
Skeleton Directory
Terminate an Account
Unsuspend Bandwidth ExceedersYes
Upgrade/Downgrade an Account
Web Template Editor
Multi Account Functions
Change Multiple Sites’ IP AddressesYes
Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts
Terminate Multiple Accounts
Convert Addon Domain to Account
Copy an Account From Another ServerYes
Copy and Account From Another Server With an Account PasswordYes
Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages From Another ServerYes
Review Transfers and RestoresYes
Transfer ToolYes
Change WHM Theme
Theme ManagerYes
Add a Package
Edit a Package
Delete a Package
Feature Manager
DNS Functions
Add a DNS Zone
Add an Entry for Your HostnameYes
Delete a DNS ZoneYes
Edit a DNS ZoneYes
Edit MX Entry
Edit Zone Templates
NS Record ReportYes
Park a DomainYes
Perform a DNS CleanupYes
Reset a DNS ZoneYes
Set Zone Time To Live (TTL)Yes
Setup/Edit Domain ForwardingYes
Synchronize DNS RecordsYes
SQL Services
Additional MySQL Access HostsYes
Change MySQL User PasswordYes
Database Map ToolYes
Manage Database UsersYes
Manage DatabasesYes
Manage MySQL ProfilesYes
MySQL Root PasswordYes
Repair a MySQL DatabaseYes
Show MySQL ProcessesYes
IP Functions
Add a New IP AddressYes
Assign IPv6 AddressYes
Change a Site’s AddressYes
Configure Remote Service IPsYes
IP Migration WizardYes
IPv6 RangesYes
Rebuild the IP Address PoolYes
Show IP Address UsageYes
Show or Delete Current IP AddressesYes
Show/Edit Reserved IPsYes
EasyApache 3Yes
EasyApache 4Yes
Install a Perl ModuleYes
Install an RPMYes
Module InstallersYes
MySQL/MariaDB UpgradeYes
Rebuild RPM DatabaseYes
System UpdateYes
Update Server SoftwareYes
Mail Delivery Reports
Mail Queue ManagerYes
Mail Troubleshooter
Repair Mailbox PermissionsYes
Spamd Startup ConfigurationYes
View Mail Statistics SummaryYes
View RelayersYes
View Sent SummaryYes
System Health
Background Process KillerYes
Process ManagerYes
Show Current Disk UsageYes
Show Current Running ProcessesYes
Change Log
Install cPAddons Site SoftwareYes
Manage cPAddons Site SoftwareYes
Manage PluginsYes
Modify cPanel & WHM News
Reset a Mailman PasswordYes
Synchronize FTP Passwords
Upgrade to Latest VersionYes
x3 Branding
Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request
Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain
Manage SSL Hosts
Purchase and Install an SSL CertificateYes
SSL Storage Manager
Market Provider Manager
Restart Services
FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd)
HTTP Server (Apache)
IMAP Server
Mail Server (Exim)
Mailing List Manager (Mailman)
SQL Server (MySQL)
SSH Server (OpenSSH)
x3 Plugin File GeneratorYes
Apps Manage by AppConfigYes
cPanel Development Forum
cPanel Plugin File GeneratorYes
Manage HooksYes
Software Development Kit
Add IP to Firewall
Google Apps WizardYes
Softaculous – Instant Installs

At this point, you should understand what functions within WHM require root access. If you need root access, please review our article on how to request root access.

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