5 Common Questions about Reseller Hosting

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When people hear the term “reseller hosting” it is typically met with stares of confusion. To make it easier to understand, this article provides five of the most commonly asked questions in regards to this type of web hosting.  Providing a web hosting service to your clients is usually the focus of a web hosting company, but with reseller hosting, you become the host and you determine how you will charge and support your clients.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a service provided by a web hosting provider that lets a person or business sell web hosting services with their own label. Whether you are a web developer, designer, or simply someone with dreams of owning your own web hosting business, reseller hosting gives you an opportunity to make money in the business of hosting websites.  

The advantage of using reseller hosting is that you don’t have to maintain the hardware or hosting software yourself.  You choose the kind of services you provide and how much you want to charge. 

Depending on the level of reseller hosting that you choose, you can provide a  web hosting solution that can be adapted to your customer base. Click here to get a much more detailed definition of reseller hosting.

How does selling web hosting as a reseller work?

Once you subscribe to a plan, you will be able to create accounts for your customers through your administrator’s access to the account.  Your customer will only see their account interface and you will have the options to manage them as though you were the actual host. 

You can even change the labeling of the interface so that your own company logos would appear in the account interfaces. When you find a reseller host, make sure that they have a white label option so that you can customize the service so that it’s associated with you and not your reseller host.

InMotion’s Reseller Hosting also provides access to sell domains and manage the business end using the Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) software. Check out InMotion’s Reseller Hosting plans for more information.

How do you make money as a reseller?

When you’re in the business of web hosting you’re basically making money from subscriptions to host websites.  You can also provide services such as web design, domain registration, and website maintenance. What you charge and the services that you provide would be up to you.

How do I start my own business reselling web hosting?

First, you should sit down and write out a solid business plan.  If you’re going to be charging people money and working to make a profit, you should have a plan that will help you not only plan how your business works, but also how it will grow.

You should then research the market for the reseller hosting that best fits your needs.  Make sure that what you choose meets up with the needs of your targeted clientele. 

Once you have chosen your reseller hosting solution and you have subscribed, then you can begin labeling it to match your business identity.  You should also spend time becoming familiar with the features that you will be giving to your subscribers.

You may also need to set up your management software so that you are ready to take care of your customers.  When you’re all set with your preparations, then you’re ready to start reselling your hosting space.

It is definitely easy to simply just subscribe to a reseller hosting plan and then just start seller space to prospective website owners.  However, not being prepared to explain what your business offers and planning out the services that you will provide is a good way to lose your customers quickly and possibly end your business.

How to choose the best reseller hosting?

If you have your business plan in order then the main task left to you is to choose the best reseller hosting for your needs.  When you’re considering a web hosting service that has reseller plans make sure to check for the following:

  • Does the reseller have a solid reputation for reseller hosting?
  • Does the hosting service have a plan that meets your budget and hosting needs?
  • Do they have a good software interface to manage your reseller account?
  • If you’re not satisfied, do they have a money-back guarantee?
  • Do you have access to technical support?  What kinds of support services?  Phone/email/chat?
  • If your business grows and requires an upgrade, will they provide an upgrade path for your hosting service?

Choosing a service is often a matter of personal preference and perspective, but this checklist should help lead you to a reseller host that will provide the solution you need.

Understanding reseller hosting is easy and a great opportunity for those of you who endeavor to make web hosting your business.  Make sure you understand how reseller hosting works, plan appropriately and select the best hosting solution for your business needs.  If you’re able to do so, then you’ll be able to create a great business reselling hosting, provide a solution for your clients’ needs, and earn some money in the process.

InMotion Hosting provides services for web design, domain registration, and reseller hosting. To learn more about the ins and outs of reseller hosting, check out our Reseller Hosting articles!

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