What is White-Labeling and How Does it Work?

Learn What White-Labeling is and How it Works With Your Reseller Hosting Account

White-labeling is when a company provides goods or services under a blank or “white label” that can then be re-branded and sold by another company. This is often done to allow the manufacturer to focus on the quality, research, and development of the product; while the selling and marketing are handled by a company experienced in those areas.

Why Use White Labeling

As a web hosting Reseller, white-labeling gives you the ability to resell web hosting accounts with your own company’s branding. So, customers will not be aware that InMotion is actually managing the servers and infrastructure you are using to house their accounts.

This helps build brand recognition and also reminds the customer that you are providing services to them. Because if a customer sees the logo of another company, they may reach out to them for help or to upgrade their services.

Where Can I Update My Branding 

There are two places where you can update your custom branding depending on the services you offer, WHM or WHMCS.

Branding via WHM

If you are only offering cPanel accounts, the branding can be updated from your Web Host Manager (WHM). So, when customers login to the cPanel account you sell them or their Webmail, they will only see your company logos. 

View of cPanel Before White label BrandingView of cPanel After White label Branding

To see exactly what can be updated, check out the following guide:

Now that you know what will change, learn how to update your branding in the walk-through guides below: 

Branding WHMCS

If you are looking for software that can help you manage your billing or provide tech support services, WHMCS is a perfect solution. This is due to the ability of WHMCS to manage payment gateways and billing notifications for customers and to also provide a ticket system for support requests.

But, keep in mind that all Reseller Hosting accounts include a free WHMCS Starter license. With a Starter license, it will say “Powered by WHMCS” on the bottom of all pages. 

View of Powered By WHMCompleteSolution Message

You will need to purchase an upgraded WHMCS License since they all include white-labeling. If you have an upgraded license, you can follow the article below to get started with WHMCS.

Now that you know what white-labeling is and how it works, you can begin customizing your accounts and building your brand as a Reseller. Check out our Reseller Hosting product guide for more tutorials to help you build a successful business.

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