Branding Your Reseller Hosting Services

As a reseller host you have access to WHM (Web Host Manager). From within the WHM interface you have virtually unlimited access to the cPanel interface your customers will interact with.

One of the important WHM functions for resellers is the Branding feature. Branding lets you change the look and feel of your cPanel.

Why Should You Brand Your Hosting Services?

Why is reseller branding important?

You may be a fan of InMotion Hosting, but your customers’ accounts are managed by you, the reseller. Re-branding your reseller hosting services reminds your customers that you are the primary point of contact for addressing their needs.

5 Reasons to Brand Your Reseller Hosting Services

  • Your company information is more readily available. With strategic branding you can place your reseller hosting company information on cPanel pages, and, if you’re a developer, on actual web pages.
  • Professional appearance. Make your company stand out from competitors.
  • Core values. Let your customers learn more about your enterprise and what sets you apart.
  • Shrink your marketing budget. A combination of the above points with some free social media penetration will go far to familiarize customers with your brand.
  • Get noticed. Technology may be exciting to you, but your customers may not be as tech-savvy as you are. You are more likely to earn business through creative presentation than technological data.

Get Started by Branding Your cPanel

As a reseller, you become the face of your own web hosting enterprise. You can accomplish this kind of re-branding by removing the appearances of our InMotion Hosting branding and replacing them with your company’s artwork.

Here are some helpful guides to get you started with branding your cPanel:

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