How to Move an Account from Another cPanel Host

NOTE: Before you begin this process, be aware that restoring a cPanel completely erases any content on that cPanel that was there.

Here you will learn how to move your hosting account from another cPanel host to your Reseller Hosting account. This is the easiest of the migration methods; it involves moving a single file. The final step (cPanel restoration) is also done by our Systems Administration team.

Moving a site using a full cPanel backup will include all files, databases, and emails on the account. They will all be in the generated backup file.

Moving a Site from Another cPanel Host

Step 1 – Evaluate your Site

Check the migrating account to be sure it is a cPanel account. Also, check the size of the account as this method can only be used if the cPanel account is under 3GB. You can find out the size of the account by logging into the cPanel and looking in the left hand sidebar menu for the “Disk Space Usage” field.

Step 2 – Generate a cPanel Backup

After confirming the account is a cPanel account smaller than 3GB, you will need to generate a full cPanel backup. This can be done in the Backup section of the cPanel. For complete instructions, check out our guide on backing up your cPanel.

Step 3 – Download your cPanel Backup File

Now that you have generated the backup, you need to download it to your local computer. Smaller backups (under 1GB) can use the cPanel File Manager. The recommended method, however, is to use FTP. If you need more information on how to connect to your server with FTP and download files, see our FTP Beginner’s Guide.

Step 4 – Upload the Backup File to your Reseller Account

Upload the file from your local machine to your reseller account using either the cPanel File Manager (for files under 1GB in size) or FTP. Refer to the FTP Beginner’s Guide if you need information on how to upload files.

Step 5 – Request a cPanel Backup Restoration

Your part of the move is almost done. All you need to do is submit a Website Transfer Request from within your Account Management Panel (AMP). Note: depending on the number of cPanel accounts being restored, there may be a charge.

Step 6 – Test your Site

After the Support team responds saying the restoration is complete, log into the account and make sure everything is working. If you have not yet pointed your domain to our name servers, you can view the site either through your Temp URL or by using a hosts file modification.Now you understand the steps for moving an account from a cPanel host to your reseller account. If you need to know how to move an account from a non-cPanel host to your account, please see our guide entitled “Migrating an Account from a Non-cPanel Host to Your Reseller Account“.

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