How to Transfer Domains to your eNom Reseller Account

In this article, we will describe the domain transfer process so you can transfer domains into your eNom reseller account

. Keep in mind, transferring a domain is not a requirement for web hosting. Domains can be pointed to any server from any registrar provided the DNS records are set correctly.

In order to initiate the transfer, you must request the domain “authorization code” or “EPP code” from the losing registrar. Make certain that the domain is unlocked for transfer with no private registration and is using an administrative email that you have access to. Confirmation of domain transfer will arrive at the administrative email address.

How to Transfer a Domain to your eNom Reseller Account

  1. Log into IMH Store
  2. Scroll down to the “Manage My Domains” section
  3. Click Transfer
  4. Enter the domain(s) you want to transfer
  5. Click Transfer Domains
  6. Enter the authorization code(s)
  7. Click Continue

Make sure to check the administrative email address for the domain to confirm the transfer with the losing registrar. Once the losing registrar releases the domain it will appear in your reseller account. Continue to our full guide on how to connect WHMCS to your eNom reseller account.

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