How to Install WHMCS with Softaculous

As a new reseller, you have access to additional software to help you manage your client accounts. The most popular software for managing reseller hosting is WHMCS. This software requires a license to use, and you can follow our full guide on how to get your WHMCS license free with your account. Below you will find instructions on how to install WHMCS to your main cPanel account.

Installing WHMCS with Softaculous

  1. Log into your AMP.
  2. Click on the cPanel icon.
  3. Locate the Software category and click on the Softaculous icon.
  4. From the Softaculous page, look to the left hand sidebar. Type ‘WHMCS’ in the search bar and click on the WHMCS option underneath.
  5. Click on the Install option in the right hand panel.
  6. Now you will need to fill out the install form. This includes Software Setup,Site Settings, and Admin Account information.
    Choose ProtocolSelect whether you want to use http or https protocol.
    Choose DomainSelect the domain on which you want to install.
    In DirectoryIf you want to install into a subdirectory, enter that here. **Note: Do not use “admin” for this option. Installing in a subdirectory called “admin” will result in a URL structure of to access the admin panel, which will break the installation.
    Data DirectoryEnter a directory to store your data files.
    Database NameDefault database name. You can change it if you like.
    CRON JobWHMCS runs a scheduled synchronization script. Set the frequency here.
    Company NameSet your Company name here.
    Admin FolderSet the name for your WHMCS admin folder.
    Company EmailEnter your company email address.
    Valid License KeyEnter your license key. This is required for the program to work.
    Admin UsernameEnter your desired admin username.
    Admin PasswordEnter your desired admin password Make it strong!.
    First NameEnter your first name.
    Last NameEnter your last name.
    Admin EmailEnter your desired admin email address.
    Select Admin LanguageSet language for the admin dashboard
    Select Site LanguageSet language for the site’s front end.
  7. Click the Install button to install the software.

When you see the confirmation page, you will have successfully installed WHMCS. You will now be ready to log into the Admin area for the first time.

You can learn how to request a license for WHMCS through the Account Management Panel (AMP) by stepping through our guide:  How to Request a License for WHMCS in AMP.

You will also be ready to explore the WHMCS General Settings page to get your basic setup completed.

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