Why Use WHMCS?

WHMCS is a content management system for web hosting resellers. WHMCS is also a complete e-commerce tool you can use to sell products. With your InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting plan you have access to a free WHMCS license and installation through Softaculous.

In this article we will review some of the features of WHMCS and how you can use it to manage your hosting business.

The Admin Area

WHMCS comes with a fully functional administrative area where you can manage multiple clients and services. You can add clients to this interface, manage hosting packages, and configure general settings.

Likewise, the administrative functions in WHMCS are automated. The administrator can control billing cycles, domain renewals, and customer invoices on regular intervals.

The Client Area

WHMCS provides your customers with a “client area,” where they can log in to manage products and services they have purchased from you. Your customers can also submit requests for technical support through this interface. The client area covers virtually any web hosting service you want to provide.

Providing Customer Support

WHCMS comes with a support ticketing system that allows your customers contact you with support requests through the client area.

The support settings also control how you can write and publish SEO-friendly Knowledge Base articles. The documents you can publish here are relevent to your unique hosting enterprise and are separate from the official WHMCS product documentation.

Now that you understand WHMCS you are ready to begin setting up. Start with getting your WHMCS license key.

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