How to Configure Ordering Settings in WHMCS

The “Ordering” tab lets you configure a variety of options that will affect how you manage the ordering process for your customers.

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin
  2. Hover over Setup and choose General Settings

  3. Choose the Orderingtab

  4. Fill in the settings:
    Order Days Grace: The number of days to allow for payment of an order before being overdue
    Default Order Form Template: Select the form layout you wish to use
    Sidebar Toggle Option: Tick to enable the display of a sidebar toggle button on Order Form Product Selection Pages
    Enable TOS Acceptance: If ticked, clients must agree to your Terms of Service
    Terms of Service URL: The URL to your Terms of Service page on your site (eg.
    Auto Redirect on Checkout: Just show the order completed page (no payment redirect)
    Automatically take the user to the invoice
    Automatically forward the user to the payment gateway
    Allow Notes on Checkout: Tick this box to show a field on the order form where the customer can enter additional info for staff
    Monthly Pricing Breakdown: Tick this box to enable monthly pricing breakdown for recurring terms on the order form
    Block Existing Domains: Tick this box to prevent orders being placed for domains already in your system
    No Invoice Email on Order: Tick this box to not send an invoice due notice when new orders are placed
    Skip Fraud Check for Existing: Tick this box to skip the fraud check for existing clients who already have an active order
    Only Auto Provision for Existing: Tick this box to always leave orders by new clients pending for manual review (no auto setup/registration)
    Enable Random Usernames: Tick this box to generate random usernames for services rather than use the first 8 letters of the domain
    Signup Anniversary Prorata: Prorata products to the clients signup anniversary date if prorata is enabled (ie. all items due on the same date per client)
  5. Click Save Changes

Now that you have gone through the Ordering options you are ready to proceed to the Domain tab.

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