New Customer Getting Started Guide

Welcome to InMotion Hosting! Now that you have a new web hosting account, what’s next? For most users, they will have a website and they will use email addresses, such as This guide will assist new customers in getting started.


Most users fall into two categories: those users that need to create a new website, and those users that need to migrate an existing website from their previous hosting company. Regardless of which category you fit into:

Get Started with our New Customer Website Getting Started Guide.


All of our hosting accounts include email addresses. Whether you need or, you’ll find that setting up email addresses is quite easy. Regardless of whether you’re creating these email accounts for the first time or they currently exist on your previous host, you should start with our Email Getting Started Guide.

Getting to Know Our System

cPanel is your website’s control panel. This is where you can do things such as edit your files or create email addresses. What cPanel does not allow you to do however is anything billing related, such as register new domain names or upgrade your hosting account. In the past it’s been required for users to call in for these types of things, however we are excited to announce that we now have the Account Management Panel (AMP) available. In a nutshell, cPanel helps you manage your website and AMP helps you manage billing related items on your account.

To get started with either cPanel or AMP, check out our cPanel vs. AMP article.

I Forgot My Password!

Don’t worry if you ever forget your password, the following articles should help:

What if I need Help?

You’ve signed up with the right host! We understand that many people need a website, but not everyone is a web designer or has a 4-year Computer Science degree. We pride ourselves in offering excellent support and being available to you when you need us. If you need help, you can browse our extensive knowledgebase including Website Tutorials, Email Tutorials, and Domain Name Setup Info. You can also view tutorials in our Education Channels or ask a question in our Community Support area. If you don’t find what you need, then call or chat with our technical support team.

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