Root Access FAQ

If you’re not very familiar with root access to a server, it’s actually quite a big deal. We’ve created this article to help answer several of the more common questions related to root access. We also have a helpful guide on What to do with root access.

What is root access?

Root access is administrative access to a server. With root access, you can perform any action needed on a server. You can find more information in the following article:
Standard SSH Access vs. Root Access

How do I get root access?

Root access is available only to VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting users, for security reasons it is not available on our Shared Hosting servers. If you’re on a server that offers root access, you can request root access by following the directions listed on this page:
Standard SSH Access vs. Root Access

Or if you are looking for a VPS plan, click here to read about our different VPS plans.

Is root access right for me?

With root access, you can perform just about any action that you want on a server. While this is very useful, running the wrong command as root could cause major problems. Did you know that with one simple command you can wipe your entire server?

We recommend only requesting root access if you have previous experience with it and you are comfortable with using it. If you’ve never used root access or are not confident with running commands as root, we don’t recommend gaining root access to your server. If you’re not ready for root access but you need it, please contact our Support Department for further assistance. Our System Administration team can help you with many of the tasks that require root access.

Does the level of Support I receive change when I have root access?

Yes and no. If you have root access to your server, you can still contact our Support Team at any time if you need assistance. The problem that arises however is that if you have root access we may not be able to easily undo / fix any issues that exist due to actions you’ve taken as the root user. Additional charges may apply for our System Administration team to troubleshoot a server you have access to.

How do I connect to my server as root via SSH?

Please see our article entitled How to login to your server via SSH.


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