cPanel VPS Hosting and What It Does For You

Learn about cPanel VPS Hosting and What It Does For You

You may have seen the phrase “cPanel VPS Hosting” and wondered what, exactly, that means. cPanel is a control dashboard that lets you manage your web hosting server. It gives you a graphical user interface (GUI) that you can control with the click of a button, which helps manage your VPS (virtual private server) for you. So without cPanel, you would have to do most of your server management from command-line interface (CLI).

Here is a screenshot of what the cPanel interface looks like:

Main page of cPanel
Main page of cPanel

When you have cPanel on a VPS it will also include access to a Web Host Manager (WHM) where you can manage your server and cPanel accounts. With WHM it’s easy to create custom security rules, view/manage your server’s resources, suspend accounts, create/delete/customize cPanel accounts, blacklist IP addresses, manage your mail queue, and more.

Here is a screenshot of what WHM looks like:

Web Host Manager (WHM) logged in as the root user
Web Host Manager (WHM) logged in as the root user

How Does cPanel VPS Hosting Work?

When websites run applications that are resource-intensive, memory usage and allocation become critical to overall performance. As more resources are used, the website or application may run a lot slower. This is where you see server errors and long load times.

cPanel VPS is a resource manager. It will optimize your site to run the way you need it to without seeing a drop in traffic or performance. You want your resources allocated to the website so that your user’s experience is a fantastic one.

What Are The Benefits Of Having cPanel VPS?

You can manage your resources efficiently using cPanel, but that’s not all. This interface allows you to easily manage site backups and files, add new domains, subdomains, and email accounts, increase your security capability and increase performance and reliability.

Server Management Made Easy

When you have cPanel on your VPS it simplifies the management of your server and reduces the chances of an end-user causing problems. For example, the process of creating a MySQL database, adding a user, and giving the user privileges can be a daunting task if you’re not comfortable using the command line. But, with cPanel there is a database wizard included that will walk them through the process in just a couple of steps.

This is just one example of the many tools included in a cPanel VPS that makes server management simple. If you are providing technical support for your users, cPanel can greatly reduce the number of contacts you receive.

Manage Site Backups and Files

There is nothing worse than a website crash where there are no backups available. You can easily generate and automate backups for your website files, databases, and emails through cPanel.

We’ve made backing up your website even easier, though. BoldGrid is our free premium website builder and it lets you automatically backup your website; recovery is as simple as a click of a button.

Add New Domains, Subdomains, Software, and Email Accounts

You have root access to your server. This means you can do all of the above through cPanel without having to wait for your hosting company’s assistance. This type of independence means you can work at your own pace, providing the sites and services your business, your clients, and your customers need without the restrictions of waiting for your hosting provider to support or enable it.

Increase Your Security

Did you know that cPanel can keep visitor data safe? You can generate a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for every website you host on your server. Having an SSL certificate is especially important since Google and other search engines have started penalizing those who don’t have it.

Data breaches are becoming too common and Google is determined to provide assistance to its users by ensuring those with SSL certificates rise above others in search engine results. SSL protects you from cybercriminals by digitally encrypting sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and more over HTTPS protocol.

Increase Performance and Reliability

It’s important to know what kind of hardware you’ll be using on your website server. InMotion Hosting always uses NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) SSD (solid-state drives). This means it has faster read/write speeds. More uptime, faster delivery, and more stability are some of the other reasons why NVMe SSD is preferable over a traditional hard drive. The NVMe SSDs make the cPanel 20x-40x faster for top performance and maintains the same features and functionality as a regular cPanel installation on a shared or dedicated hosting account.

cPanel VPS also lets you utilize your resources in a predictable manner that optimizes performance for your site. You can disable services and manage server processes using WHM, which helps allocate more resources to your website.

Both cPanel and WHM make website setup much easier with their easy-to-use graphical interfaces.

If you’d like to know more about cPanel or how to use it, we have a dedicated cPanel Education Channel full of tutorials to help guide you.

Is cPanel VPS Hosting Right for you?

When it comes to your business, having cPanel VPS hosting can give you the freedom to grow your online presence without needing to understand code. It is reliable, more secure, and makes things easier for you to manage. Having cPanel puts the power back into your hands. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Make sure your business, agency, or reseller clients are always connected and powered on with our optimized Managed VPS Hosting.
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