How To Fix WHMCS – Curl Error – Couldn’t Resolve Host (6)

Date: 8/16/19   |   About 1.5 minutes to read After installing WHMCS, nothing can be more annoying than obscure errors popping up. Not only are these errors frustrating and confusing, but they get in the way of your ultimate goal: automating your hosting plan reselling. And that can cost you money. So how can we fix Read More >

What Changes When You Brand a Reseller Account in In Motion Hosting?

Branding a Reseller Hosting Account Reseller hosting accounts allow you to add your own company branding to the cPanel and Webmail interfaces that your customers can see. You also have the option of adding favicons or creating links for specific help or documentation pages. The logos for cPanel are replaced by either your company logo Read More >

Which Plan Should I Select as a Reseller?

InMotion Hosting provides Reseller plans that range from three shared server plans and three VPS plans. R-1000S – Beginner Plan R-2000S – More Resources at an Affordable Price R-3000S – Top Shared Reseller Plan Reseller VPS-1000 – Starting VPS level for Resellers Reseller VPS-2000 – Balance of Power and Resources Reseller VPS-3000 – Top-of-the-line Performance Read More >

How to Configure a Temporary Directory for Updating WHMCS

If you are receiving this error message: “You do not currently have a path configured for temporary storage of files during updates.“, you can follow this guide to learn how to configure a temporary directory for updates in WHMCS. Create Temporary Directory First you will need to create the temporary directory. Log into the cPanel Read More >

How to Assign a Custom Welcome Email Notification to a Product in WHMCS

If you have already created a Product you can then customize the Welcome Email that is used for each product. In this guide, you can learn how to assign a custom Welcome Email notification to a Product/Service in WHMCS. Assign Welcome Email to Product Log into the WHMCS Administrative Dashboard. Navigate to Setup > Products/Services Read More >

How to Create a Custom Welcome Email Template in WHMCS

WHMCS easily integrates various systems to make customizing your clients’ experiences simple for you. For example, rather then sending a generic welcome email to your new clients, you can create a custom welcome email template. In this guide, you can learn how to create a custom Welcome Email Template in WHMCS. Create Custom Welcome Email Read More >