WHMCS – “There was an error in your request”

In this article, we’ll be looking at the WHMCS “error in your request” error. What does the “There was an error in your request” error mean? Are there ports blocked in my reseller server? Power your own hosting business with InMotion Hosting reseller packages. Reasons for the “There was an error in your request” Error Read More >

WHMCS Error “You Are Not Assigned”

Date: 10/14/19  About 1 minute to read. In this, article we’ll be addressing the “You are not assigned to any ticket department” error in WHMCS. The procedure for solving this issue is as follows: Go to the setup area. Select administrator users. Edit your user. Assign departments. Learn why this error occurs. Follow along with the Read More >

WHMCS “Department Not Found” Error

Date: 8/30/19  About 1 minute to read Managing support requests for your users is an important part of your web hosting reseller strategy. The errors described below are related to issues that can arise in your support department. Whether you’re a full team or a single admin operation, you will want to deal with errors as Read More >

How To Fix WHMCS – Curl Error – Couldn’t Resolve Host (6)

Date: 8/16/19   |   About 1.5 minutes to read After installing WHMCS, nothing can be more annoying than obscure errors popping up. Not only are these errors frustrating and confusing, but they get in the way of your ultimate goal: automating your hosting plan reselling. And that can cost you money. So how can we fix Read More >

What Changes When You Brand a Reseller Account in In Motion Hosting?

Branding a Reseller Hosting Account Reseller hosting accounts allow you to add your own company branding to the cPanel and Webmail interfaces that your customers can see. You also have the option of adding favicons or creating links for specific help or documentation pages. The logos for cPanel are replaced by either your company logo Read More >

Which Plan Should I Select as a Reseller?

InMotion Hosting provides Reseller plans that range from three shared server plans and three VPS plans. R-1000S – Beginner Plan R-2000S – More Resources at an Affordable Price R-3000S – Top Shared Reseller Plan Reseller VPS-1000 – Starting VPS level for Resellers Reseller VPS-2000 – Balance of Power and Resources Reseller VPS-3000 – Top-of-the-line Performance Read More >