10 Ways to Harden Your VPS Hosting

Date: 10/09/2019          4 Minutes to Read In this article: Security Features Support Options The biggest changes in upgrading from Shared to VPS Hosting are root access and Web Host Manager (WHM). These two capabilities grant you more responsibility for maintaining server security for your content management systems (CMSs), websites, and email solutions. You can access Read More >

How to Configure Security Policies in WHM

WHM (Web Host Manager) includes tools to help you secure your linux VPS Hosting and Dedicated server. Steps such as limiting logins by IP address, enabling two-factor authentication, or setting password strength and age limits can greatly increase the security of your server. In this guide, we will show you how to configure the security Read More >

How to Get a List of Accounts in your VPS

If you are an administrator for an InMotion VPS Hosting account then you can manage accounts on your server using the List Accounts interface. As an administrator, this option gives you a quick overview of website accounts to get to information like administrator emails, changing account passwords, IP addresses, disk space used, cPanel access, and Read More >

Debian 8 General Guide

Debian is a free, non-proprietary Linux-based operating system founded by Ian Murdock in 1993. Bundled with a secure, lightweight, but fully featured software suite, Debian is an ideal platform for general purpose computing. An active development community, along with the general purpose software ecosystem and free license, make Debian a highly popular choice for running Read More >

How to Install a LAMP Stack on Debian

There are a variety of options you have to customize your Cloud VPS. The most popular combination of software used for web servers is commonly know as the LAMP Stack. LAMP is actually an acronym consisting of the following softwares (intended to run the web server): Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Since Debian is already Read More >