Fixing PHP Memory Errors in Magento 1.6

Magento 1.6 can be quite memory intensive due to its robust design. You can adjust the memory limits to reduce or eliminate the memory errors all together. You’ll have to add code to 2 separate files and we’ll walk you through the process using the file manager in cPanel. Log into cPanel and open File Read More >

Enabling the Debug Profiler in Magento 1.6

Magento 1.6 has a built in setting that can help you debug any issues that may arise due to memory usage. By enabling the Debug Profiler a small link will be placed at the bottom of each page with information pertaining to the current memory usage. Enabling Debug Profiler is easily handled in the Magento Read More >

How to Enable System and Exception Logging in Magento 1.6

Magento 1.6 has a powerful logging system that can be extremely helpful when debugging any issues you may have. If there’s an error there is almost always an entry in the system or exceptions log. By default though, logging is not enabled. Enabling the logs in Magento 1.6 is relatively easy and is accomplished through Read More >