Changing the Magento 1.6 Login to Case Sensitive

When you log into the Magento 1.6 admin panel, by default it is not case sensitive. Forcing the login to be case sensitive will improve the security of your Magento shopping cart and backend. It becomes increasingly harder to hack passwords if they are case sensitive. Changing the default setting to force logins to be case sensitive is done through your Magento 1.6 Admin Panel.

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  1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel
  2. Go to System ->> Configuration
  3. magento_dashboard_1

  4. In the left menu pane, scroll down and click “Admin” under the “Advanced” heading
  5. magento_dashboard_2

  6. Open the section labeled “Security”
  7. Find the “Login is Case Sensitive” and change the dropdown to “Yes
  8. Click “Save Config

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