Magento Education Channel

What is Magento?

Magento Open Source is a free open-source eCommerce software that is designed for large scale stores with complex needs. It is typically an ecommerce solution that a business has graduated to due to smaller and more simple cart systems not being sufficient.

If this is your first ecommerce shop and you are not a php developer, generally we recommend checking our options on our Ecommerce Hosting page. Magento is a brilliant ecommerce system, but it is typically used by larger companies. Think at least $10K/mo to make Magento worth while and the tipping point is more likely for stores over $30k/mo for it to really shine cost versus benefit wise.

There are two version of Magento now. Adobe Commerce is the enterprise paid version that is available from Adobe. Magento Open Source is the popular cart that is typically what people are referring to when “Magento” is mentioned.

With the changes above and the new Magento 2.4.6 Release, InMotion has a new Education Channel in progress now to support the Magento Hosting plans already available.

Magento Basics

As a relatively large scale software system, Magento typically requires a vps or dedicated server with fast php hosting and tuned MariaDB/MySQL.


These tutorials will include the steps you will take when transferring a Magento.

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