Securing the /admin/ folder in OpenCart

Since OpenCart is open source it can be a target for hackers since they already know the basic file structure and how the core code works. One of the easiest methods of securing your OpenCart dashboard is to rename the /admin/ folder.  This will ‘hide’ the folder from scripts and hackers specifically looking for the Read More >

Security Steps to Take After Installing OpenCart

While open source shopping carts are great, one of the downsides is that everyone can access the core code to understand how it works. In a few simple steps, you can improve the security of your store from hackers without affecting your site’s ability to function. Security Steps After installation, you should remove the /install/ Read More >

Creating a 404 error page for OpenCart

Creating a custom page for 404 errors in OpenCart can help you secure your shopping cart. Anyone attempting to access something inappropriately will be automatically re-directed to this page. It’s best practice to provide links back to your store, in case someone reached this page in error. Simply create a 404.html file in the root Read More >