Updating Locale Settings in Magento 1.6

Locale options in Magento 1.6 define the local time and date settings as well as the weekend days of your Magento shopping cart. Weekend days are defined as the non-working days of the week in your area. Defining these days can help customers determine shipping methods and other aspects of shopping on your website. Setting the timeszone, locale language, first day of week, and the weekend days are done in the Magento 1.6 Admin Backend.

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  1. Log into your Magento Admin Panel
  2. Go to System ->> Configuration
  3. magento_dashboard_1

  4. In the left menu pane, click “General” under the “General” heading
  5. Open the section labeled “Locale
  6. Fill in each of the fields to set your “Timezone“, “Locale“, “First Day of Week“, and “Weekend Days
  7. magento_locale_1

  8. Click “Save Config

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