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High-Performance WordPress Hosting with NGINX Reverse-Proxy Caching

InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting platform uses NGINX reverse-proxy caching technology to achieve the highest performance for sites using the WordPress content management system (CMS). A powerful, event-driven asynchronous web server capable of serving extremely high numbers of visitors very quickly, NGINX excels at serving static content (e.g. JavaScript files, CSS files, images, etc.), and when Read More >

WordPress Hosting Documentation for InMotion Hosting

Getting Started with your new WordPress Hosting plan

WordPress Hosting refers to hosting plans that are optimized specifically for WordPress. 

Our UltraStack infrastructure ensures that your WordPress site is hosted on WordPress servers that deliver not only speed and reliability but also allow server-side caching. 

In addition, all WordPress Hosting plans come with an advanced caching tool. This tool allows you to select your cache profile. The WordPress-specific profiles include Standard, Dynamic, and WordPress Multisite. Customizing your caching in cPanel will bring a new level of speed to your WordPress website.


One of the best perks of WordPress Hosting is that each plan comes jam-packed with useful features. The articles below will help you maximize your WordPress Hosting account and give you a better understanding of how our WordPress-optimized servers help you get the best performance out of your website.

WordPress Hosting Basics

Getting started with WordPress Hosting is a simple process, but if you’re new to the CMS, it can seem overwhelming at first. Explore our WordPress Hosting basics articles for step-by-step directions that will walk you through how to install WordPress and help you become familiar with the tool. 

Billing & Renewals via AMP

Billing for all InMotion Hosting accounts is done within your AMP (Account Management Panel), which controls all billing-related items associated with your hosting account.

Since you will be using AMP to manage all your billing-related needs, take time to read the following articles so you know how to log in to it and use it.

Transferring WordPress Websites

You shouldn’t be punished for moving your WordPress website to a new host, that’s why we offer free, no-hassle website migrations. 

However, if you would rather take care of your website transfer yourself, the below articles will help you ensure your transfer experience is as smooth as possible. 

Configuring Your WordPress Hosting

Once you have purchased a WordPress Hosting account and either transferred or set up your website, you’ll want to customize it to match your specific wants and needs. 

Check out these articles for a walkthrough on how to configure WordPress and customize it to your desired specifications.

WordPress on Dedicated Servers & VPS

WordPress Hosting on a Dedicated or VPS server helps you get the most out of your website by providing you with dedicated resources on high-performance servers that can be tailored to match your needs.

If you decide to go for a VPS or Dedicated WordPress Hosting plan, there is some additional learning required. 

Explore these articles for help setting up and configuring your VPS or dedicated server.

Troubleshooting WordPress Hosting

While WordPress is user-friendly and generally not too difficult to use, that doesn’t mean you won’t run into problems from time to time. 

The below articles will help you tackle some common WordPress troubleshooting issues.

Jetpack Documentation

Jetpack is a powerful WordPress plugin giving you a full set of tools which assist with building, maintaining, and keeping your website running smoothly. From automatic website backups to protection from brute-force hacking, Jetpack comes packed with advanced features that anyone with a WordPress website can benefit from.

Explore these articles to learn how to install, setup, and use Jetpack.

Advanced Users

WordPress is a versatile tool that becomes even more powerful as you increase your knowledge and understanding of it.

After you have learned the basics, check out these helpful guides and tutorials to become a WordPress expert. 

WordPress Hosting Community Support

Another great thing about WordPress is that it’s open sourced and has a fantastic, supportive community to help you learn about the CMS and expand your WordPress knowledge and skillset. 

Explore these helpful resources to help you solve problems and master WordPress. 

Explore All WordPress Hosting Articles

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Defining Managed WordPress Hosting

Users or creators of websites know that a web server is a requirement. Web servers provided by hosting services can vary widely in cost and complexity. They can also range in services and options. Generally, the more options or services that you want with your hosting service, the more expensive it will be. InMotion Managed Read More >

How to Optimize LazyLoad for WordPress Hosting

This article describes how to optimize LazyLoad for WordPress. You can learn how to change the threshold for LazyLoad and how to test LazyLoad functionality using Google DevTools. How to Change LazyLoad Threshold How to Test LazyLoad If you’re looking for a simple plugin lazy image loading, try Jetpack! How to Change LazyLoad Threshold LazyLoad Read More >

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