Learning about Jetpack Licensing options

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin made by Automattic to provide everything you need for building, improving, and securing your WordPress site. For most people, it may be the only plugin they need to load for their WordPress site. Here’s a quick summary of the major features that Jetpack provides:

  • Themes
  • Performance enhancement
  • Backups
  • Scanning
  • Marketing Tools

Jetpack can be loaded directly from WordPress plugins site or you can have it installed with the InMotion WordPress Hosting solution of your choice. License types for the Jetpack service include Free, Personal, Premium, and Professional.

Of these options, it should be noted that Premium is not being offered with a WordPress Hosting solution.

The table below shows the hosting plans and the corresponding Jetpack licenses provided by InMotion Hosting:

WordPress Hosting PlanJetpack License type (value)
WP 1000SFree license
WP 2000S1 Jetpack Personal License ($39/year value)
WP 3000S1 Jetpack Personal License ($39/year value)
WP 4000S1 Jetpack Professional License ($299/year value)

These licenses will be offered to new or existing users to the WordPress Hosting platform. InMotion Hosting customers will be able to utilize their Account Management Panel (AMP) to manage the Jetpack licensing. This includes the ability to install, activate, deactivate, and provision the Jetpack license for their account. If a license has been used for an account, then the user will be able to provision a Free license for any other website on their account. They will also be able to log in to their WordPress dashboard and upgrade the licenses directly.

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